Mini NOA Presents – Hits of the Contemporary Opera

Geros-dienos foto-Dovydas-Petravičius-1024x726

The mini "New Opera Action" (NOA) festival will be held on 12-14th of November, at the arts printing house. It is a great possibility to see and hear the most outstanding works presented at the NOA spring festival: the opera “Have a Good Day!”, sound performance “Audiokaukas” and spatial mono opera in the dark “Confessions”.


Premiere Inspired by George Carlin

Rekonstruoti Laura Vanseviciene

Choreographer Miglė Praniauskaitė, presents her debut dance performance - "Reconstruct" on 22nd-23rd of October at the Art Printing House. The performance, created during the program for young artists Open Space, according to the choreographer, will be interesting for everyone, who at least once thought about what and why is happening in our environment.


AVERAGE BASTARDS at the residency in Vilnius

After a few weeks residency at the arts printing house AVERAGE BASTARDS from Norway invites to the: A blah blah movements and sounds performance with blah blah noises and bloody blah improvisation shits and more than oulala broken guitars but also maybe some sort of phone-like-sounding harp

Live in Vilnius: Thursday October 15th, 19 h. at the MIŠKE (temporary art space by the former Palace of Concerts and Sports)

More about AVERAGE BASTARDS - John Hegre & Céline Larrère - please see here

For a week the Arts Printing House is transformed into the House of Sweden

house of sweden

In conjunction with the State Visit of the Swedish Royal Family 6-11th of October the Arts Printing House is transformed into the “House of Sweden”: a representation of Swedish values such as openness, equality and sustainability. It will offer cultural and Sweden promotion events for the general public free of charge, presented through specific theme days.


"Contemporary?" Review in the October Issue of Dancing Times

Contemporary trio repeticija

The Phenomenon of the Year – contemporary dance performance „Contemporary?“ has been presented at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 17-22 of August, 2015.
The piece, created at the Arts Printinhg House by three artists Agnė Ramanauskaitė, Paulius Tamolė and Mantas Stabačinskas got review by David Mead in the October issue of Dancing Times.


Premiere of the New Contemporary Dance Performance

Rekonstruoti Laura Vanseviciene

22-23 of October the program for young artists Open Space at the Arts Printing House presents the debut of a young Lithuanian choreographer Migle Praniauskaite - contemporary dance performance "Reconstruct". The piece distinguishes by its particular style and energy. A lot of attention is drawn to well found movements which have their exact significance, meaning and place.


Feelings on the Stage and in Life

26th of September | 19.00

arts printing house | black hall

Thanks God I'm not an Artist

AE Not an Artist


1. Don’t create. Art is for nothing.

2. Don‘t be someone. To avoid it just start to be nobody. 

3. If you want your life to be full of nothing, do nothing enough and use the emptiness of the cup, but not the cup. 

4. Try out nothing. Live up in your dream trees and never come down to harvest your ideas.

5. Dive into nothing here and now. 

6. Repeat: Zero! Zero! Zero! OM! OM! OM! Vacuum! Vacuum! Vacuum!

7. Stop moving. Stand absolutely still. 

8. Avoid emotions. Love starts from nothing.

9. Do nothing as much as possible. You need nothing to be happy. 

10. Don’t believe in something. Believe in Nothing! Just stop believing!



Opening Night at the New Circus Weekend

2015-09-09 2 foto-D.MatvejevĀ

Opening night of the tenth international contemporary circus festival New Circus Weekend in Vilnius with the guests Cie Barolosolo (France) "Île O" and WHS and Zero Gravity Company (Finland) with the performances "Mortimer" and "Pinta".