International resident Vera Tussing presents Tactile Quartet(s) workshop sharing

Arts Printing House international residency program Print Art On Stage presents Vera Tussing (Germany). During her residency, Vera will do a research for her dance project Tactile Quartet(s).


International residents Emile Pineault and Simon Wiborn exploring the Anatomy of Power

Anatomy of power is a collaborative project bringing together two young choreographers, dancers and acrobats, one from Canada, the other from Sweden. Emile Pineault and John Simon Wiborn have very similar backgrounds, both having high-level circus training (National Circus School of Montreal and University of Dance and Circus, in Stockholm). First trained as a flyer and acrobat, their respective practices now shifted towards dance and choreography. As soon as they met, they saw their common desire to break the boundaries between dance and acrobatics. Their artistic approaches put into movement their acrobatic body, starting from the impulses and sensations produced by their acrobatic practice. They want to put into dialogue different artistic genres, always testing their codes and their limits.

Anatomy of Power is a visual poem about the relation between the body, the power and the intimate. Emile and Simon metamorphose themselves, images into images, questioning notions such as intimacy, transformation, animality, consent, manipulation ... The two performers explore the concept of otherness, crossing a series of relationships which will immerse the public in the heart of soft, strange, funny, sensual and violent intimacy. They constantly seek to de-formalize the norms of their bodies thus allowing a greater individual and mutual fluidity.

By a demanding and exacerbated physicality, Emile and Simon contortion themselves, carry each other, throw and crush themselves, connect, disconnect. Here, they put in tension the human and the animal, the passive and the active, the feminine and the masculine, the vertical and the horizontal, the primal and the social. Their bodies interlock, tangle, dislocate, unite, sometimes erasing the boundaries between the two individuals.

Emile Pineault is performing at New Baltic Dance'19.

April 30th 5:30 PM | studio II | duration: 60' | free admission

International residents Mardulier en Deprez to present their open atelier

Participants of International residency program Print Art On Stage open up their atelier to share the results of a two-week long creative process.

Mardulier and Deprez practice anecdotic circus and installations and post-internet art and cooking and maybe also poetry. For two weeks they moved their atelier to the Arts Printing House to open up for all kinds of inspirations. The result of this artistic process is what they want to share with you. They open their doors on the 25th of april at 18:00. The final result is still unknown, but snack-art will be provided.

creative team: Ruben Mardulier and Michiel Deprez (Belgium/The Netherlands)
date and time: 25th April, 17:30
duration: 30'
photo by Nikki Nordmann

arts printing house | studio III
free admission

Residents from Israel to Present an Open Rehearsal

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Participants of International residency program Print Art On Stage invite you to an open rehearsal of their newest dance piece "School for the Blind"


Monika Neverauskaitė Presenting Worn In Progress Of Her Newest Circus Piece

Arts Printing House international residency program Print Art On Stage presents Monika Neverauskaitė - Lithuanian contemporary circus artist who have finished circus studies in French circus school Lido.
Monika, under the name of Soloneviena, is creating a solo piece with her circus discipline - Cyr wheel. We invite you to see the work in progress presentation of her piece "Harry the 3rd".


Festival KITOKS'19 program is here!

bandom spalvas FB cover2

Arts Printing House presents: 9th edition of international festival for children and youth KITOKS'19



Circus Education Program: REGISTRATION OPEN

Just like every year, New Circus Weekend offers a Circus Education program for performing artists. This year's teachers are professionals who will also be seen on stage in the festival's performances.


Summer Dance School’18: inspiring week with international dance teachers

Summer Dance School - the biggest educational contemporary dance event in Lithuania, dedicated to professional and amateur dancers. Lithuanian Dance Information Center organizes it since 2000 and this year it will fill Arts Printing House (Vilnius) with dance from 20th to 25th of August. Everyone interested can already register to the inspiring ballet classes by Arina Trostyanetskoya, contemporary dance technique workshops by LorandZachario, contemporary dance and movement by Celia Amade and two open level creative laboratories by Ricardo Ambrozio and duo of Florencia Demestri and Samuel Lefeuvre. We asked Summer Dance School’s coordinator Laima Servaitė about how it is programmed and why it is worth attending.


Summer Dance School registration OPEN

This year Summer Dance School organised by Lithuanian Dance Information Center invites you again to learn and get inspired by world-famous teachers – choreographers. Workshops will be held on August 20-25th, but organisers advise to register now, because the capasity of all workshops are limited.