New Circus Weekend'17 programme is here!

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International contemporary performing arts festival NEW CIRCUS WEEKEND'17 | 5 - 10 September



5 (Tuesday) 18.30


duration 60‘ | admission free

creators and performers Iida Sipilä, Inka Pehkonen, Milla Lahtinen, Rosa Tyyskä, Sofia Daniel

"Mosh Split" is a show that revolves around a crazy camper car, flexible legs and high flying acrobatics. The show is distinguished by its variety of high level circus disciplines including two simultaneous swinging trapezes, chinese pole, Cyr wheel, partner acrobatics and a Washington trapeze. Absurd and bewitching at the same time, the performance is an incredible experience - an incredibly Finnish experience. The circus skills of the five women, the winning energy as well as a decent portion of humour - this is "Mosh Split".

Sisus Sirkus is a Finland based circus company of five women. After spending over a decade doing cartwheels and surviving life with the cuteness- card, they are finally at the point where they are ready to step up on to the stage together! All the members of the company have graduated from Lahti Circus School in Finland. They met each other over 10 years ago at Linnanmäki Youth Circus



5, 6, 7, 8 d. | 20.00 | yard

9 d. | 20.30 | yard

Absolute | Cie Les Choses de Rien (France)

in a metal circus tent „Silo“ | duration 80‘

author & perfomer Boris Gibé, Dramaturgy Elsa Dourdet | choreography Samuel Lefeuvre and Florencia Demestri, | technique team Quentin Alart, Florian Wenger, Bertrand Duval | scenography Clara Gay-bellile & Charles Bédin | coach bird Tristan Plot | textile & costumes Sandrine Rozier | light John Carroll | sound design Olivier Pfeiffer.

L'absolu is a show going through numerous attempts to free the individual entangled in moral, slowing down the body and obstructing human desire. « L'absolu » is a poetic investigation deep in the psyche of beings, replacing desire at the heart of our lives in the purity of the present moment. This quest induces a trial, a re-invented myth where the individual is in conflict with himself, his gods, his demons, his dark side and his bright side. Absolute for it is elusive to whomever whishes to master it. But if this desire is not identified, transcended, it creates symptoms, sometimes triggers collective « Hysteria »... Sparking the catharsis of bodies and invoking Greek tragedy codes in our contemporary societies.

Since 2008, all along, this project has carried the question of perception of the audience and it context. It has been the wish of Boris Gibé to work with a vertiginous structure offering a physical experience to the audience. « Like in an anatomic theater, I wanted the performances to be seen from above, in a circular pattern, in order for the audience to be in a superior position overlooking the fate of the character on stage ». The Silo, is a circus tent made out of metal sheets, 9m diameter, 12m height and for fitting about 100 seats. Inside, around the stage, two sets of stairs spiral up reaching 4 levels, each step hosting a spectator.

In that well of imagery questioning abyss, nothingness, infinity, researches tend to lead us toward a connection between the bodies and the elements, magnetic fields, static, particles, water, fire and matter become allies on stage, carriers, a kind of interface between space and the choir /spectator. A mirror on the floor and optical illusions will be the partners for the lightings to better play with our perceptions. A flying crow in this court will embody both the judge and the executioner. High acrobatics on thought up circus equipments, as well as contortion will be put into choreography in an extreme physicality approach of the movement. Les Choses de Rien is an association based in Paris, which has been supporting and producing the work of Boris Gibé from the beginning.

20151023 CieEaEo L1A3003-WEB

6 ( Wednesday) and 7 (Thursday) 18.30 | black hall

ALL THE FUN | Compagnie Ea Eo (France/Belgium)

duration 60'

by and with Jordaan De Cuyper, Sander De Cuyper, Bram Dobbelaere, Eric Longequel, Neta Oren | directing coach Johan Swartvagher | juggling coach Jay Gilligan | light design David Carney | music David Maillard | scenography boijeot.herbach.renault | stage technician Rinus Samyn | booking Manager/Production Laure Caillat | production Pol&Freddy vzw, Association Ea Eo

All the Fun is a strange and liberating juggling ritual, which attempts to answer the existential questions using industrially produced plastic objects. The underlying message is as unclear as possible, so that the artists themselves do not know if there really is a meaning, or if it's all just a joke told in a language that no one understands.

Ea Eo is a juggling company founded in 2009. Juggling and lame jokes are the two languages that are central to the work of the company. We perform to talk about everything and anything with this particular vocabulary.


 MG 2015-2 Mol Ł Angels Melange
7 (Thursday) 17.30 and 10 (Sunday) 17.00 | arts printing house' yard

PELAT | Joan Català (Spain)

Solo performance | duration 40‘ | admission free

Idea, direction and performance Joan Català | external view Roser Tutusaus, Melina Pereyra, Jordi Casanovas, David Climent , Pablo Molinero(Los corderos)

PELAT is silence, expectation, strength, tension, and magical, spontaneous participation. It is an original performance combining dance, theatre and circus. Pelat is a proposal that erases the boundaries between dance, circus, theater, and performance: between audience and the show. A natural review of handcrafted techniques and own memories. A changing and unique sample as a result of the interaction with the audience. This unique performance is based on the study of the body, movement, people’s behavior, craftsmanship and traditions. Is a dialogue between human been and object and from a gesture it is intended to leave space to the imaginary in order to share experiences and responsibilities in an evanescent ritual.

Joan Català was born in Barcelona and describes himself as a curious observer interested in the plastic and movement arts in which the body and/or the objects are communicators. Joan understands the scene as a space for dialogue between humans, objects and the environment where game and work melt together with the tools, experiences and ideas that each of us bring. Joan trained in contemporary dance, physical theater and clown with different professionals. In 2012, Joan starts to develop its own perspective around scenic arts focused on street and urban landscapes. The result is the show PELAT, premiered at 2013 Fira de Tàrrega.


la Cosa - Claudio Stellato Company- Credit Massao Mascaro 6
8 (Friday) 18.30 and 9 (Saturday) 18.00 | black hall

LA COSA | Claudio Stellato (Belgium)

N9 | duration 55’

choreographer Claudio Stellato | performers Julian Blight, Mathieu Delangle, Valentin Pythoud, Claudio Stellato | stenographer Nathalie Maufroy | production & management Nathalie De Backer

The Thing (la Cosa) stages the connection between four characters and a giant pile of wood. Through an intense and rhythmic physicality that pushes the limits of the body, the four men on stage proceed to shape and destroy the pile of wooden logs. Between chain play and ritual following, la Cosa reflects on the basic bond between man and nature.

Born in Milano in 1977, Claudio Stellato is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Brussels. He first trained as a jazz musician at the Scuola Civica Jazz in Milan while working on street theatre. He then travelled and trained for several years in theatre and circus in different countries before entering Le Lido, Centre for Circus Arts in Toulouse in 2001.

From 2004 to present day he has collaborated with several theatre and dance artists and choreographers, among whom are Cie Kdanse, Olivier Py, Roberto Olivan, Cie Arcat, Fré Werbrouck, Karine Pontiès, la Crida Company and L.O.D. In 2010 he won two contemporary dance solo contests with his show 240d.


20150618 TheForestProject MG 7533

9 (Saturday) ir 10 (Sunday) 14.00 | forest

The Forest Project | Duo Kamppi & Roihu (Finland)

a project combining contemporary circus arts and the forest | 18+ | duration 60'

idea and performance „Duo Kamppi & Roihu“ - Viivi Roiha ir Sade Kamppila | co-producer Sirkus Aikamoinen

The performance is in the form of a nature trail, which the audience is guided through. Along the trail there are various scenes presented to the audience; aereal acrobatics and coreographic climbing amongst the trees, acrobatic movement splashing water around in the shoreline of a lake, dance on the forest bottom, soundscapes inspired by traditional finnish singing and a possibility to share a moment of collective silence listening to the forest around us. For the performance the artists drew inspiration from old Finnish folklore and the stories and beliefs around all the beings and powers of the forest. The duo works with 50 meters of aereal rope suspended between the trees, hair hanging, intimate partnering acrobatics with tree trunks and acrobatics, not forgetting their dark finnish sense of humor.


tickets 11,20 - 16,20 euro | tickets at the box offices of TIKETA

Festival ir supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture and Ministry of Culture of The Republic of Lithuania