Slowstepper - On The Edge Of Survival

International resident of Arts Printing House program Print Art On Stage – Hygin Delimat came to Vilnius with a piece in it‘s final form and invites audience to see an almost finished movemeint performance Slowstepper.

Slowstepper - On The Edge Of Survival.

In the essential need for Survival we are not diferent than other species. They all need food, proper environment to live in. However, what is that only we-humans need for survival? Or is the sphere of living beyond survival the actual thing that diferentiates us from other organisms?

Survival is visible in physical dualities: weak-strong, virtuous-vulnerable… On one side, there is Body on the edge, Body in crisis, Body of a plane crash survivor, Body drained of water, and energy. Yet, there also exists a superhero of Survival through trained, and prepared Body, Body of extreme sports, Body of Power. Movement is the main drive of the performance. Slowstepper* explores extremes in terms of inner resistance, speed, duration, and a potential beauty that happens in consequence.

*Tardigrades (Water Bears) are omnipresent microscopic animals that can survive almost in every condition on Earth regardless of extreme temperature, pressure, or radiation (also Space vacuum). Tardigrade is latin for stepping slowly.

Hygin Delimat is a choreographer and performer based in Austria. Hygin choreographed works Europe-wide and in Africa. In his artistic research as Mover, Hygin integrates approaches and philosophies of urban movement arts (bboying, tricking, hiphop), and somatic methods.

Team:  choreographer and performer - Hygin Delimat | Rui Horta – mentor | Noemi Wagner, Wiktor Janas, Rita Vilhena – outside eye | Karol Kensee – sound | Karolina Wycisk – dramaturg, manager | Ines Santos – graphic designer | Iga Kowalczyk – costume designer

arts printing house | pocket hall | duration 45'

free admission