HERRING GIRLS | Judita Vivas & Viccy Riley

Arts Printing House International residency program Print Art On Stage presents:

HERRING GIRLS | work in progress

components: movement | voice | objects | sound | projection

authors: Judita Vivas (actress, physical theatre artist and teacher) and Vicci Riley (improvisation performer, dance maker and somatic movement teacher)

duration 60'

The project is inspired by the herring girls from 19th - 20th century England and Scotland. These girls and women followed the fishing ships to gut and salt fish and did so on their own, without male companions. The long, hard and tiring work was rewarded by a certain freedom,uncommon to the women at the time: freedom to travel, live together with other women, earn money and independence.

The performance bridges herring girls’ stories and way of life and us as contemporary female artists. As a result, the performance combines sea, fish and fishing-net imagery with the relationship between two women at work. This relationship is multifaceted, marked by mutuality, playfulness, different status and nonconformity, all informing the landscapes being created.

“Herring Girls” is an improvisational performance project in development. And the authors would like to share the results of their artistic research with you.

arts printing house | studio II
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