SPOT'19 is returning to the streets of Vilnius!

Arts Printing House invites you to experience theater outside the stage! On 11th-14th of July, the second international street theater festival SPOT 2019 will be located in different streets, parks and squares of Vilnius, where city residents and guests will be invited to get a new perspective on the well-known urban spaces. The interactive, lively and unexpected world of contemporary street theater is open to everybody - SPOT festival has no age restrictions and the performances are completely FREE!


>> 11 (Thursday) and 12 (Friday) 17:00
13 (Saturday) 14:00
14 (Sunday) 12:00

GARGOT OF BICYCLE | Guixot de 8 (Spain)
interactive installation | duration: 4 hours
Bernardinai park

Guixot de 8 is the first Catalan company to turn the game into a street show. It does so with games invented by the company, built with materials recycled from the clean points. This interactive installation is dedicated to the bicycle, a wonderful invention that has so many roles in our society. An old bicycle is turned into a unique bird, whose egg we must catch with a pair of pliers before it hits the floor. From a few old wheels, a labyrinth is made, and with a few more we have a merry-go-round. All the parts of the bicycle suggest a game that has a challenge to achieve – not an easy one but certainly not impossible!

>> 11 (Thursday) 19:00
12 (Friday) 18:00 and 20:00

CONSEQÜÈNCIES | Cia Moveo (Spain)
dance performance | duration: 25’
Vincas Kudirka square

performers: Marta Hervás/Angès Jabbour, Xavi Palomino/Neilor Moreno, Núria Planes, Pino Steiner, Adrià Viñas
director: Stéphane Lévy 
executive production: Sophie Kasser & Estella Muñiz
distribution: Fani Benages 
co-production: Festival Fira Tàrrega (Spain) –  Festival Internacional do Teatro de Rua Imaginarius (Portugal)
suported by: CC Barceloneta

Cia Moveo continues to blur the line between the performer and the spectator and to explore the boundaries between reality and fiction. CONSEQÜÈNCIES is a show for all audiences that explores through movement the relations between these two notions in our everyday life and the accelerated time in which we live. CONSEQÜÈNCIES is an ironic and joyful work on the possibility of being out of step, being late, being wide off the mark, and on the resulting consequences.

>> 12 (Friday) 12:30, 19:00 and 20:00
13 (Saturday) 15:00, 16:00 and 17:00

BOUCHERIE BACUL | Pikz Palace (Belgium)
street theatre performance | duration: 30’
Tymas market

Boucherie Bacul is an old-fashioned butchery market booth within and around which nothing is what it seems. The rude Bacul family sell their morbid but above all insane merchandise to the passers-by, but to do so they use very strange techniques. It is a deliciously dark sideshow comedy, not for the faint-hearted. Boucherie Bacul is a playful provocation questioning the boundaries of normality.

>> 13 (Saturday) 18:00
14 (Sunday) 13:00

GREGARIOUS | Soon Company (Sweden, Spain)
contemporary circus performance | duration: 45’
Vilnius Academy of Art courtyard (Maironio st. 3)

artistic team: Manel Rosés, Nilas Kronlid
outside eye: Joan Català & Angela Wand
music: Albert Oliveres
props and construction: Ullrich Weisel & Soon Company

GREGARIOUS is not epic, it is not heroic. GREGARIOUS is an honest, sweaty and playful show about the human side of sports. Through acrobatics and comedy, the two artists focus on their relationship and on its constant shifts between collaboration and conflict. They mix a subtle playful style of acting with a high technical level in their circus disciplines: teeterboard, Chinese pole and partner acrobatics.

>> 13 (Saturday) 21:00

EXIT | Cirque Inextremiste (France)
street theatre performance | duration: 45’
Vingis park stadium

director: Yann Ecauvre
performers: Yann Ecauvre, Julien Favreuille, Laurent Mollon, Étienne Cordeau, Anicet Leone, Serge Lazar
costumes: Solenne Capmas
production: Jérôme Souchet, Géraldine Galloi

EXIT plunges us into a cinematic universe of anticipation. A group of ‘crazy nuts’ find themselves trapped in the heart of a life-size escape game. Their mission is to escape at any price and as quickly as possible from this world governed by strict and relentless rules. Visually stunning and adrenaline-fuelled performance involves a hot air balloon and elements of air acrobatics.


the festival is financed by Lithuanian Culture Council
supported by Vilnius City Municipality, Caffeine LT, Hotel Vilnia, Open Kitchen, Fonds Podiumkunsten, Institut Ramon Llull, Nordic Culture Point, 15min, Vilniaus diena, 370, Prie kavos