New Circus Weekend'19 announces this year's program

14th international contemporary performing arts festival New Circus Weekend is coming back to Arts Printing House and other spaces of Vilnius on 10-15 September.


International contemporary circus festival NEW CIRCUS WEEKEND'19 | 10-15 September, Vilnius


September 10 (Tuesday) 18.15

>> Arts Printing House foyer

Opening of the festival

PICNIC | Džiugas Kunsmanas, Eneas Vaca Bualó, Marija Baranauskaitė (Lietuva / Argentina / Prancūzija)

acrobatics, dance acrobatics, physical comedy, object manipulation

duration: 35' | 4+

free admission


September 10 (Tuesday) 19.00

>> Arts Printing House black hall

BABEL GLÖM | Kaaos Kaamos (Sweden)

contemporary circus performance using partner acrobatics and physical theatre

duration: 60' | 4+

direction and production: Kaaos Kaamos and Albin Warettecast: Erika Ahola, Johan Sjölund, Elisabeth Künkele, Perry Rudolph, Anouck Le Roy, Erik Glas

They try together to be better, to reach the sky. It's about links, community or family. And yes, they are definitely not the same people. They don't even speak the same language. Babel's curse? Forget it! They'll do better no matter what happens. By chance, they have fika*.

*fika: the strong Swedish tradition of having coffee and something sweet, usually shared with a colleague or friend in the afternoon

„Babel, Glöm“ challenges the limits of strength and balance to discuss the concepts of individuality and collectivity, explore the tension between „be yourself“ and „be together“. For that, Kaaos Kaamos use six strong characters in a quest for a common language, ritual and symbol. Bringing together six acrobats from four different countries, the work highlights the cultural diversity of the group as well as the individual repertoire of each artist, displaying unity through acrobatic techniques that are performed collectively.


September 10 (Tuesday) 20:30 and 11 (Wednesday) 20.00

>> Arts Printing House pocket hall

WINTER IN JULY | Cie Biscornue (Finland / France)

world premiere / contortion, handstand and roller skates

duration: 40' | 12+

creation and performance: Jatta Borg

artistic collaboration: Antoine Nicaud

She has been crushed and crumbled, thrown in the trash like a used tissue. Look at her! The one who once was the queen of the night now resembles a quirky spider with high heels.

But shudder! Because Kerttu-Katariina Inkeri Anneli Henriikantytär Ylä-Töyrylä, who’s also known as a professional knitter, has travelled all the way from the frozen forests to be here and she hasn’t said her last word yet! Winter in July is a contorted solo where absurdity squirms between handstand and roller skating.

Jatta is a Finnish circus artist specialized in handbalancing and contortion, currently based in Toulouse, France. As a kid she tried out all the possible circus disciplines, and slowly she started to find her way to handstand and contortion. In 2010 Jatta got accepted to the second year of circus education in AFUK (DK) where she studied during two years. After being curious to explore more the theatrical side of circus, Jatta decided to apply to Le Lido in France from where she graduated in 2015. In 2018 Jatta created the Compagnie Biscornue and started the creation of Winter in July, a solo street show which will premiere in the summer 2019.


September 10 (Friday) 21.30

>> Arts Printing House courtyard



free admission


September 11 (Wednesday) and 12 (Thursday) 19.00

>> Arts Printing House black hall

PITI PETA HOFEN SHOW | Compagnie LPM (France)

extreme poetry and juggling, theater, physical theater, hip hop, acrobatics, clowning, mime, skateboarding, visual arts, kung fu, opera

duration: 45' | all ages

by: Lucas Castelo Branco, Andrés Torres Díaz and Johannes Bauhofer

3 countries, 3 jugglers, 3 objects. 45 minutes filled with humor, craziness and secret techniques never seen before by a human audience. 3 characters live in an absurd universe, with contradictory logics where stupidity reigns and juggling is the mother tongue. The Piti Peta Hofen Show is a mix of 3 completely different personal styles, showed through theatre, improvisation and the obsession of objects. This show is adaptable to any place and any thinkable circumstance such as rain, gale or erupting volcanoes. The show is based on extreme poetry. A style of dramaturgy where the notion of improvisation and acting are mixed in a dimension of creative chaos.

The show was created in 2017, as a product of a visceral need of the three artists after their graduation at the “Centre des Arts du Cirque de Toulouse – Le Lido”. The creation was self-produced by the Cie. LPM and had its premiere at the Festival Circumnavigando (Italy). Since then it has gained great acceptance by various audiences, both young and old, families or loners, animals or religious people, but above all unemployed artists. As a result of this, the Piti Peta Hofen Show has been represented 70 times in different countries such as Brazil, France, Italy, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and Portugal.

Delivering smiles and great moments of happiness anywhere the show is performed. Lighting the darkness, guiding us on the right path, cleaning the garbage from the streets and helping the patchamama to breathe the oxygen of art.

- Are you listening? ... It is the heart of planet Earth beating to the rhythm



September 12 (Thursday) 20.00 and 13 (Friday) 21.00

>> Arts Printing House pocket hall

FAUX PAS | Faux (Latvia)

Cyr wheel / contemporary dance

duration: 20’ | 8+

performers: Laura Gorodko, Aleksejs Smolovs

choreography: Jana Jacuka

music: Edgars Spudiņš

In Faux Pas, the symbiosis between the two art forms of contemporary dance and circus weaves delicate metaphors in a story about the private invisible side of people relationship. The Cyr wheel becomes a platform for storytelling and the imagination. The expression faux pas in French literally means false step – that is embarrassing or tactless act or so.

The artistic company have born when the artists met to combine their experiences in contemporary dance, circus and state-of-art music in joint creation. Eventually, the "Faux Pas//Piezīme nevietā" has been presented to the audience. The piece was immediately recognized in Latvia by receiving invitations to perform within several notable dance (e.g. festival Laiks dejot/Time to Dance) and circus events (2018 Baltic talent contest first prize winner at ReRiga Contemporary Circus and Street Arts festival). During 2018-2019 the company continues to present their work abroad, in events of both artistic fields: contemporary dance festival L1danceFest in Hungary, competition of contemporary choreography Yokohama Dance Collection in Japan, Nordic circus fair “Subcase” in Sweden.

ON HULA HOOPING | Giedrė Degutytė (Lithuania / UK)

hula hoop, clown

duration: 28’ | 8+

artist and creator: Giedrė Degutytė

In search of a hula-clown or what happens when the act of hula hooping and the act of clowning collide? After discovering that she is bored, Giedrė realised that hula hooping can also be funny. Well then, what‘s so funny? This solo work has a minimal set-up, while the relationship between Giedrė, hula hoop and spectators is at the heart of this practice.

Giedrė Degutytė is a circus, clown and physical theatre performer, creator and researcher, currently migrating between France, UK and Lithuania. She holds an MA in Performance Practice as Research at the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama. Developed as a practice as research inquiry, hula-clown explores clowning as the potential dramaturgical tool in circus context. Giedrė is a clown at Friday Flop as part of clown troup Citizens of Nowhere, led by Jon Davison. Also, she is an associate artist of Duende, an international physical theatre ensemble, led by John Britton.


September 13 (Friday) 18.00 and 14 (Saturday)

>> Bernardinai park

BALTRINGUE | Le Cirque Plein d'Air (France)

circus and music show in a yurt

duration: 70' | 5+

artists: Anne Desmoucelles, Joseph Defromont, Simon Morant

financial support for the presentation in Lithuania: Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine / Institut français

This is a little circus where you can hear the rain, the spectator sitting next to you who breathes and laughs... It is full of love which balances precariously on the two large hands of a strong man, on the shoulders of a little woman and on the fingers of a fellow musician.

Here everything is close, everything is seen and felt. The curious children gather round.

So when the little circus arrives on the village square, it unveils at twilight all the magic of a life spent on the roads, its daily existence, its history. The roundabout of this life progresses little by little to the accompaniment of circus exploits and fantastic numbers.

A strong man perfoms next to a juggling sea-lion, a fearsome lion of the woods casts its spell on a glittering groom. These wooden and metalic structures each have their history and their moment of glory. All of these make up a little circus of yesteryear animated by formidable feats of years gone by. An accordionist and a pocket band accompany with song this joyous nostalgic fair, this acrobatic cabaret, a kind of invitation to explore once more our childhood dreams but above all to relive them.

Cirque Plein d’Air is a circus association created in 2008, based in Limousin. The company defines itself as a new circus and has always wished to preserve the circular and itinerant aspect of the traditional circus. The camp, arranged around the show yurt, is a work and everyday space. This small-scale structure has so far made it possible to set up various networks: festivals, theaters, cultural programs, rural / hospital / school and medico-social settings. With their new project „Baltringue“, the team wants to keep the founding elements of the company: intimacy, closeness and friendliness.

baltringue in French means “person in charge of the assembly and disassembly of the circus tent”.


September 13 (Friday) 20.00

>> Arts Printing House black hall

CONFINES | Grete Gross (Estonia)

aerial acrobatics, poetry, classical music, visual art

duration: 40' | 8+

direction and performance: Grete Gross

piano: Justas Šervenikas

cello: Rokas Vaitkevičius

Grete Gross’ work combines circus, visual art and poetry. „Confines” tells a story of the journey of learning to accept and love oneself. Layer by layer, it peels off the sham, digs into the rotten debris and finds the greatest beauty suppressed by the shame. To see all the colours hidden so well, to hear all the words, whispered so still.

The performance is about looking for oneself and battling with it on that journey. It’s imprisonment, then reaching such suppressed feelings as anger, shame and pain, and then accepting those feelings. Followed by tabula rasa, finding oneself at a beginning once more and then finally covering the white canvas with all life’s colours.


September 14 (Saturday) and 15 (Sunday) 18.00

>> Arts Printing House black hall

PARASITES | Galapiat Cirque (France)

clown, musical and poetical circus, Chinese pole

duration: 60' | 8+

by and with: Moïse Bernier, Thomas Garnier, Nicolas Lopez

financial support for the presentation in Lithuania: Spectacle vivant en Bretagne.

Empty sky and gaping desire. An emergency occurs.

In a strange atmosphere evoking post-apocalyptic films & Beckett alike, three mates try to escape from the incessant commotion of the world. Together, they strive to build a collective piece of work, the beautiful utopia from our times. Through ludicrous situations and burlesque games, with much effort they manage to put together a tragi-comic score in which all means are legitimate to resist, to cope and to raise oneself in the end.Parasites is a declaration of love to life and its deviations. And this existential, essential parable is not to be taken too lightly...

Parasites emerges through theatre, clown and circus, and also a unique acoustic dimension proper to the musicians’ universe. Three characters try to liberate themselves from the too often unanswered existential questions that cause the numerous and incessant parasitising of our daily lives.

galapiat n. m. from old French: a rascal, a hobo, a scallywag.

Galapiat Cirque supports, creates and produces shows, events and generates social ties.Galapiat Cirque, consists of multiple itineraries, new productions, all sorts of different projects and a local anchorage in Brittany that is becoming stronger and stronger.Galapiat Cirque is a General interest co-operative (SCIC) of about 50 members, artists, back office, technicians, friends, local authorities and partners.Galapiat Cirque aims at bringing culture to other territories by reinventing the means of getting there: ‘Go where Circus does not often go”. Our goal is to connect different audiences, generations, sectors of activity around a show or a project...We are convinced that circus is a popular and federative art form, an exceptional medium for generating social change and personal transformation’.

September 14 (Saturday) and 15 (Sunday) 19:30

>> Arts Printing House café

DICEY! | Dan Le Man (Australia/Estonia)

one man cabaret

duration: 5’ to 240’ | 18+

tickets available at the event only

director and performer: Dan le Man

Cut the repertoire and new ideas of multi-discipline artist Dan le Man into 47 separate parts. Jumble them all up. Then stick them back together in an order that is directed by the drawing of a lottery ball. Welcome to Dicey!, a one-man show that is fresh, new and different every time it’s played. The ticket price is determined by the roll of a die after the show.

Australian-born Dan Renwick has studied Circus Skills in England, Physical Theatre in Australia, speaks German, lives in Estonia, plays a French character and he also makes his own brand of perfume. He has performed in more than 1000 shows in over 35 countries. Including festivals, events, variete, cabaret, private parties and long term contracts on land and sea. He is the founder and artistic director of TaDaa! Festival and organiser of Open Tsirkus Stage whilst also maintaining a busy booking schedule.


September 15 (Sunday) 12.00 and 16.00

>> Energy and Technology Museum boiler hall

OBJECT EPISODES | Kapsel (Sweden)

intelligent circus with juggling and object manipulation

duration: 45' | all ages

free admission

performers: Erik Åberg, Jay Gilligan

Alongside the highlights of the previous two creations by the Swedish company Kapsel, the show includes a unique non-linear narrative as a framework for a full length theatrical offering. Initially commissioned by the International Jugglers’ Association, Object Episodes springs from the study of juggling history to not only bring the past alive, but also present what the future of juggling will be. Equal parts physics experiment, brain storm, and juggling creation, it gives highly stylized images of seemingly impossible feats. The overall effect looks like magic, but is even more powerful as no tricks are hidden. Giant balls, gyroscopes, concentric circles and other objects are combined together at the end for a spectacular chain reaction. Creators describe themselves as scientific circus for all ages or intelligent circus.


For the ones who join the team of Circologists, seats will be reserved for one performance of every show in the program. You must take your Circologist ticket to each performance.

The seats will be reserved for you ONLY in the following performances:

10 (Tuesday) 19:00 | Babel, Glöm

10 (Tuesday) 20.30 | Winter in July

11 (Wednesday) 19.00 | Piti Peta Hofen Show

12 (Thursday) 20.00 | Faux Pas / On Hula Hooping

13 (Friday) 18.00 | Baltringue

13 (Friday) 20.00 | Confines

14 (Saturday) 18.00 | Parasites

For more information about the Circologist ticket please contact

Tickets for groups of 10 and above:

All prices are subject to change without prior notice.