Residency exchange: Lukas Karvelis (LT) and Dueditre (IT)

Participants of international residency program Elena Valdetara and Vittoria Franchina (Dueditre) together with Lukas Karvelis invite you to their work-in-progress sharings.

These residencies are a part of a dance residency exchange between the Arts Printing House and IDRA, Milan. Both participant companies of artists will have the opportunity to work in Lithuania in Italy, presenting their collective work afterwards.

- Dueditre (Elena Valdetara, Vittoria Franchina) | Italy

"Syn" is the greek word for "together", "united".
Two people are bonded together so tightly to become one.
What happens if suddenly this whole breaks apart?
The inspiration for our research came from the myth of the missing half by Aristophanes which explain our instinctive desire for other human beings."

- Lukas Karvelis | Lithuania

Having already participated in the Arts Printing House international residency program in spring, Lukas Karvelis presented the work-in-progress of his performance "Blank Spots" that was later a part of the "New Baltic Dance'19" program. This Thursday, he will present the discoveries made during the past two weeks of this residency.

date: August 29 | time: 18:00
* look for directions upon arriving at the Arts Printing House
** the sharings will be held one after another in different spaces