Clothes take over the world in Kanta Company's work-in-progress

Participants of the Arts Printing House summer residency program Kanta Company will present their work-in-progress 'Clothes and Us' on 13th of August.


Clothes. We wear them every day. They come in all sizes, colours and patterns. We spend countless hours buying, washing, drying, folding, wearing, and removing them. In this show clothes will take over the world. You will see fabrics change shape and come alive. Suddenly, you realize that no human being is on stage but somehow something is still breathing. Human shaped hoodies, priests, brides, silk draped ghosts, monsters and moving piles of clothes - all this creates a world ruled by clothing, surreal but recognizable in its proximity to everyday life. What do clothes mean to us? Who are we without clothes and how do they change us? Can they protect us? What do they hide? As clothes take over our world we attempt to undress the layers we hide behind to reveal our true identity. Anything can happen under the clothes line.


Welcome to the world of Clothes and Us as we follow three characters on a journey that evolves from normal to surreal. This show includes object manipulation, aerial silks, acrobatics, Chinese pole, and more in a cozy, intimate atmosphere punctuated with absurd visual comedy.


Kanta Company:

Lyla Goldman (USA)

Kęstas Matusevičius (LT)

Aino Mäkipää (FI)

date: August 13 | time: 5 p.m. | location: Arts Printing House, black hall | free entrance