New Circus Weekend'20 announces this year's program

Fifteenth edition of international contemporary circus festival New Circus Weekend'20 announces six performances by internationally acclaimed European artists.

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Krastutinumai photo Bernadette Fink

Extrêmités | Cirque Inextremiste (France)

September 8 (Tuesday) 18:30

September 9 (Wednesday) 19:30

>> Arts Printing House, black hall


duration: 70’ | age recommendation: 6+

! the show on 9th of September is accessible for people with movement disabilities. Please inform the organizers prior to your arrival


collective creation and direction: Cirque Inextremiste | idea: Yann Ecauvre | scenography: Julien Michenaud, Sébastien Hérouart and Michel Ferandon | external view: Stéphane Filloque, François Bedel

Far removed from the traditional circus apparatus, in a tangle of planks and gas bottles, a trio of slapstick acrobats face up to a flinching world in perpetual danger of collapse. Extremities is a production about movement sequences and the logic of cause and effect. It’s a world that is subject to precarious laws. On rolling planks and pitching gas bottles, all three are perched as if upon a rolling sea. One flinch, and their whole world collapses. This physical challenge gave rise to the idea for a humanist story in which individuals depend on others for their lives and where the survival of the group relies on listening and teamwork. It can be seen as a parable about brotherhood. Or simply a show where you have to hold your breath so as not to destroy the fragile equilibrium.


Cirque Inextremiste was established in 1998 under the name of As Pa de Maïoun; in 2009, the company became Cirque Inextremiste. “Extrêmités” was created in 2012, and the second part of the performance called "Extension" saw the light of day in 2014. Cirque Inextremiste has been traveling from theaters to festivals throughout Europe since 2007. Real risks and scathing humor are the watchwords of this company based in Indre, which always pushes the boundaries of the extreme. Today, Cirque Inextremiste has around 35 members.

molio zmogus c milan szypura21\

The Man of Clay | Le Jardin des Délices (France)

September 9 (Wednesday) 18:00

September 10 (Thursday) 18:00

>> Church of Lukiškės Prison


duration: 50’ | age recommendation: 10+


creators : Nathan Israël and Luna Rousseau | conception and interpretation: Nathan Israël, Laureate of the Prix d’Encouragement SACD for Juggling creativity | director, dramaturgy, staging and voice-off: Luna Rousseau | text : Claude Louis-Combet | original score: Théó Girard | original lighting: Patrice Besombes | thanks to Vincent Maire


The mud man is a figure, a myth. He is in every one of us – the primal being, always struggling, to live, to stand, to speak; the juggler who keeps throwing when everything falls, the tree that keeps growing whilst everything around sinks.

An intense physical performance that turns towards those existential feelings we often keep distant: solitude of the soul, our terror of falling and the disturbing desire to return back to mud. Sculptural, sensuous, dark and humorous. 

Le Jardin des Délices is a circus company established by Nathan Israël and Luna Rousseau. They are both creators, one on stage, the other as director. The company uses humour while working with the figure of a monster which can be interpreted as the individual who does not fit to norm - in a way, that is the true definition of a circus artist.

20160218 NikkiJD 849 byFabioAffuso

KNOT | Nikki & JD (United Kingdom)

September 9 (Wednesday) 21:00

>> Courtyard of the Arts Printing House

duration: 55’ | age recommendation: 10+

* free admission, registration required:

performers: Jean-Daniel Broussé, Nikki Rummer | directors: Jean-Daniel Broussé, Nikki Rummer, Rosamond Martin | dramaturg: Ben Duke | choreography mentor: Ellis Saul | movement mentors: Pippa Duke, Martin Corri | lighting designer: William Ingham | costume designer: Oliver Garcia | music credits: Annobon by Aldo Romano, Louis Sclavis, Henri Texier; original music by Tim Lenkiewicz

A chance encounter between two acrobats; a frustrated lover and a jilted dreamer. This is the story of two hearts making sense of perfection. The Knot is the invisible string that connects two people. Sometimes strong, sometimes just about to break, it is the complex yet simple bond that we juggle with our whole lives. This piece follows the journey of individuals through the absurdity, joy and mundanity of making things work. Acrobatics, movement and storytelling combine to expose the hopes we hold for the ideal lover, while also speaking about the experiences of members of the LGBT+ community.


Nikki & JD was established as an artistic partnership and hand-to-hand duo in 2013. Knot was a winner of the Total Theatre & Jacksons Lane Award for Circus 2019 and Herald Angel Award 2019, and runner up for the prestigious Carol Tambor Best of Fringe Award.

RAVEN by StillHungry Photoby DanielPorsdorf 01

Raven | still hungry (Germany)

September 10 (Thursday) 19:30

September 11 (Friday) 18:00

>> Arts Printing House, black hall


duration: 55’ | age recommendation: 6+

co-authors and performers: Anke van Engelshoven, Lena Ries, Romy Seibt | co-direction: Rachel Hameleers | creative support by: Bryony Kimmings | producer: Anke Politz

“Raven”, charmingly honest and highly entertaining, confronts the complex topic of motherhood. Based on their own experiences as artists and mothers, the performers of the Berlin-based collective still hungry, examine the stigma surrounding the German concept “Rabenmutter” (raven mother) with courage, intelligence, and artistry. Thanks to creative support from the renowned British director Bryony Kimmings, they stage a striking, authentic world filled with stunning acrobatics, beautiful imagery, and honest humour.

Bird metaphors lie at the centre of “Raven” and illustrate the different challenges motherhood presents. One moment, the performers lovingly mother their children like hens and the rhythms of their daily movements turn into skilful satirical choreographies. In the next moment, the memories of their own strength as successful artists turn them into eagles, soaring strong and free through the air. With disarming directness and the unmistakable personality of the fearless circus moms, the performers bring a moving show to the stage, which challenges the status quo and invite us to question our preconceived notions of working mothers, women, and circus performers.

still hungry is a contemporary circus collective from Berlin. The three mothers Romy, Anke and Lena reunited after long years of friendship to create a piece far from classical circus. Their work is fresh, feministic, and powerful. Powerful images and a good sense of humor makes their work truthfully touching and highly amusing.

stipruolis ir lidija

September 10 (Thursday) 20:45

September 11 (Friday) 19:15

September 12 (Saturday) 19:00

>> Courtyard of the Arts Printing House


duration: 90’ | age recommendation: 10+


performer and concept: Sasu Peistola | directed by: Sasu Peistola and Sakari Männistö | dramaturgy: Sakari Männistö | texts: Sasu Peistola | English translation: Sakari Männistö | costume design: Kaisa Kemikoski | set assistance: Kaisa Kemikoski


performer and concept: Jenni Lehtinen | choreographer and movement director: Natasha Lommi | sound design: Janne Hast | external eye: Natasha Lommi and Tuomas Vuorinen | costume design: Johanna Lehtinen | set design: Jenni Lehtinen | set assistance: Kaisa Kemikoski

Modern circus in an intimate dome tent, two monoperformances. The Väkevä & Lyydia shows take place in an intimate space in the KomsioDome tent, right next to the audience. Väkevä is a one-man show that conjures up images of the breath-taking talent shows of past eras. Modern circus performance Lyydia is a solo piece by acrobat Jenni Lehtinen, in which she utilises the wooden structures of the geodetic dome to move around.

Both shows are interactive with the audience, in different ways. The joint production, Väkevä & Lyydia, subtly rejuvenates the cultural traditions of Finnish circus, bringing it into modern times in style.

Agit-Cirk is an association founded in 2005 for circus arts and music. The members of Agit-Cirk work in circus arts, music and poetry. Their mission is to create and produce unique and modern high-level multidisciplinary circus arts performances. One of their goals is to introduce circus arts to new audiences by taking performances to places and events where circus arts have not been seen before. Agit-Cirk’s performances have been seen all around Scandinavia, Europe, Russia, New Zealand and U.S.A.

2018-METEORE 1 by Benoit Riff

Météore| Cie Aléas (France)


September 11 (Friday) 21:00

September 12 (Saturday) 18:00

>> Church of Lukiškės Prison

duration: 35’ | age recommendation: 6+

interpretation: Frédéric Arsenault and Mathilde Arsenault-Van Volsem | outside eye: Pierre Déaux | sound: Julien Vadet | lighting design: Michaël Philis | construction: Quentin Paulhiac | acknowledgments: Arnaud Anckaert, Alexandre Denis, José Froment, Marie Letellier, Gilles Olivesi and Andrew Steggall | production: Mélanie Vadet, Emeline Févotte

A female body, a male body and a ladder. It is at the crossroads of their respective practices that they explore the complexity inherent in any human relationship, between the need of the other and the difficulty of moving forward together. At its top, the platform is apparently too small for two. Will the other pose as an adversary or as a united body?

With “Météore”, Cie Aléas intends to place two beings facing the materiality of their bodies, their temptations, their areas of fragility, resistance, power, dizziness, pleasure. At the top as well as at the bottom of this ladder, they will tirelessly climb and descend the rungs, like sometimes happy Sisyphus.

Cie Aléas was founded under the leadership of Frédéric Arsenault and Mathilde Arsenault Van Volsem. Together, they are working to develop their artistic and cultural projects in the village of Cenne-Monestiés, where they have been established for 11 years. “Météore” is their second project released in August 2018.



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Venues of the Festival in Vilnius:

Arts Printing House, Šiltadaržio g. 6

Lukiškės Prison, Lukiškių skg. 6

Project is supported by Lithuanian council for culture.