New Circus Weekend'20 will present a free Lithuanian circus program

This year, “New Circus Weekend” will present works in progress by local circus artists. Throughout the day, a number of very different contemporary circus performances that are currently in the creative process will take place in various spaces of the Arts Printing House.


Free admission; registration is required at

In the e-mail, please specify which performance(s) you are registering for.


Clothes and Us | Kanta Company (LT, US, FI)

September 12 (Saturday) 12:00

>> black hall


duration: 60’

authors and performers: Lyla Goldman, Kęstas Matusevičius, Aino Mäkipää


Clothes. We wear them every day. They come in all sizes, colours and patterns. We spend countless hours buying, washing, drying, folding, wearing, and removing them. In this show clothes will take over the world. You will see fabrics change shape and come alive. Suddenly, you realize that no human being is on stage but somehow something is still breathing. What do clothes mean to us? Who are we without clothes and how do they change us? Can they protect us? What do they hide? As clothes take over our world we attempt to undress the layers we hide behind to reveal our true identity. This show includes object manipulation, aerial silks, acrobatics, Chinese pole, and more in a cozy, intimate atmosphere punctuated with absurd visual comedy.


Flight | Justė Liaugaudė, Indrė Mickevičiūtė-Petrauskienė (LT)

September 12 (Saturday) 13:30

>> glass hall


duration: 40’ | age recommendation: 14+

authors and performers: Justė Liaugaudė and Indrė Mickevičiūtė-Petrauskienė | mentor: Sergi Estebanell | music designer: Domas Morkūnas


Probably many of us have felt that anxiety while boarding the plane for the first time as well as our hearts skipping a beat during a slight shake and the first though popping up: “WE’RE FALLING!”. Someone laughs, someone’s frightened, but no one is indifferent. During this performance, a clown duo plays with the spectators’ emotions, allowing the audience to get to know themselves better and laugh at themselves. “We invite you to an extraordinary flight! Enthusiastic, unexpected, maybe slightly absurd but full of faith that everything is going to be fine”, - flight attendants Grilda and Raža say.


R.L.42 | Konstantin Kosovec (LT)

September 12 (Saturday) 14:30

>> black hall


duration: 30’

author and performer: Konstantin Kosovec | supported by: Lithuanian council for culture, I-Portunus Mobility


Konstantin is currently researching what happens to a body, movement, patterns, technique when you push over the usual boundaries of an aerial performance. This work in progress is inspired by Alexis Akrovatakis’ workshop, who made Konstantin believe it's possible. 


Where Do I Connect? | Džiugas Kunsmanas, Adrian Carlo Bibiano (LT)
September 12 (Saturday) 15:15
>> courtyard/foyer


duration: 30’

performers: Džiugas Kunsmanas and Adrian Carlo Bibiano


Recent events in the world made most of the people become distant from each other, the rhythm of life has changed, we’re forced to find alternative means of communication and avoid physical contact. As we are slowly coming back to communicating the way we used to, Džiugas Kunsmanas and Adrian Carlo Bibiano are looking for a non-verbal contact between an acrobat and a dancer.

Contact, in the sense of touching, doesn’t really exist in physics. In fact, when we are standing on the floor we do not really touch it – electrons of the floor are repelling electrons of our feet, electromagnetic field is being created between them so in an atomic level they can never really touch each other. Nevertheless, we can still feel a hug from a person that is close to us. Using different movement languages, artists will speak about this topic and try to create an unusual but very honest dialogue between the viewers.


Nionia | Elena Kosovec (LT)

September 12 (Saturday) 16:00

>> black hall


duration: 20’

author and performer: Elena Kosovec


This is a work in progress presentation of the results of the first creative stage. The main principle of “Nionia” is to remember the gestures, movements, facial expressions and positions that appeared in childhood, to trace the origin of these small body rituals, to study them in the context of memories and in a neutral state, to observe their influence on the body and emotional state: "One night I decided to find an inner child inside my head”.



The World Around Sofa | Marija Baranauskaitė (LT)

September 12 (Saturday) 17:00

>> studio II


duration: 60’ | language: English

author and director: Marija Baranauskaitė | performers: Amada Méndez-Piedra Paredes, Dávid Fekete, Danielo Amaya, Estela Lapponi, James Adamson, Leonie Kuipers, Vincent Owoko | manager: Evita Mikalkėnaitė | movement assistant: Eglė Nešukaitytė | partners: Lithuanian Dance Information Center, Lithuanian council for culture, New Circus Weekend, Bitės


The creative process of “The World Around Sofa” began with the global pandemic. This is a continuous creative process of the solo project “The Sofa Project|, launched by Marija Baranauskaitė in 2018, which explores the possibilities of creating performances for audiences comprised of furniture instead of people. One of the main goals of the project is to visit local sofas from different countries, but once the pandemic struck, a quick solution has been found - 7 artists from different continents have been taking care of the well-being of local furniture in their countries since June.


How to travel around the world after a pandemic starts? Is it possible to create not only for sofas but also for other things? Could this alleviate the anxiety of artists who are afraid of losing their audience? How and why should we create together? Marija Baranauskaitė, who raised such and all sorts of other questions, announced an open call and received responses from 67 artists, seven of whom will present their creations for their objects at the festival: European rugs, Asian hammocks, African benches, Antarctic sofas, North American rulers, South American bricks and Australian beds.


* Due to COVID-19 pandemic, spectators of age 6 and up MUST wear protective face masks covering the nose and the mouth. People without masks and/or symptoms of infectious diseases will be prohibited from entry to the events. Please follow the recommendations for social distancing and disinfectant use.


The festival is supported by Lithuanian council for culture