creativity commandments



The 10 creativity commandments of Menų spaustuvė


1. Watch as much TV as possible. The more you watch it, the sooner you’ll get sick of it. And then we’ll be there for you.

2. Don’t plan your day. Best things happen unplanned. Take risk, experiment and savor the spice of failure when it happens – isn’t it delicious?

3. Don’t be cool. Being cool equals being boring. To avoid that, take icy and hot showers in turn.

4. Make mistakes. But don’t repeat them. Mistakes are part of the creating process and they bring you closer to the aim. 

5. Avoid devices. Creativity doesn’t happen when you hit a button or click a mouse. But it may when you touch a real dormouse.

6. Make sloths your role models. Live up in your dream trees and come down only to harvest your ideas. 

7. Giggle and grin and repeat the sequence again. While doing that, remember that laughter increases the number of natural killer cellswhich destroy tumours and viruses.

8. If you want your life full of surprises, never clean your desk. Every day you may find there something you didn’t notice the day before. 

9. Create. Art is the parkour of life: pass the obstacles in the fastest and most direct manner possible. Furthermore, make the obstacles part of your artistic highway. 

10. Don’t believe the ads. Even if you don’t wear an antiperspirant, we still want to see you at the Arts Printing House.