New Circus Weekend'15: Mortimer and Pinta | WHS and Zero Gravity Company (Finland)


International contemporary circus festival "New Circus Weekend" presents::  Mortimer and Pinta | WHS and Zero Gravity Company (Finland)



> Mortimer  | WHS (Finland)

solo | jugglery | duration 25‘ | circus not for children

creation Ville Walo, Anne Jämsä | performer Ville Walo | lighting design Meri Ekola | music and sound design Samuli Kosminen | programming and projection design Matti Niinimäki | set design, costumes and drawings Anne Jämsä | choreographic assistance Jyrki Karttunen | production: WHS, Kiasma Theatre, Karttunen Kollektiv

Feather light or deadly serious?

Ville Walo's solo performance, Mortimer, is a contemporary circus theatre performance where juggling and electrical sensor technology come together. The focused, subtle performance juggles sound and video projections, brings small fluffy things to life and laughs at mortality. The performance's soft hint of breath brushes the viewers' skin. Walo juggles with video projection and plays music by juggling objects equipped with movement sensors. Sensor technology and programming turn the stage into an interactive electronic instrument that reacts to Walo’s movements in perfect unison. Although the performance relies on sophisticated real-time computer controlling, its visual style is far from technology oriented sci-fi aesthetics. The stage is filled with humanely warm and clumsy everyday objects and jerky handdrawn animations that create an intimate atmosphere.


WHS / Ville Walo : Mortimer from WHS on Vimeo.

Although Mortimer is a solo performance, Walo is by no means alone is the stage. He communicates with the objects he holds in his hands, with the puppet figures that share the stage with him, peculiarly assembled form various bits and pieces, with the skeletons and birds of the projected animations. Together they form the population of this special universe. It’s a twisted little fairy tale world filled with death, naivety, playful cruelty and dark humour. Mortimer is a performance that provokes silent internal laughter.


Pinta1 Credit Tom Hakala

> Pinta | WHS and Zero Gravity Company (Finland)

solo | air acrobatics | duration 38‘ | circus not for children

concept Salla Hakanpää & working group | direction Ville Walo | performer Salla Hakanpää | sound design Tuuli Kyttälä | costumes and stage design Anne Jämsä | light design Ainu Palmu | filming Teemu Liakka | editing Matias Boettge | production WHS and Zero Gravity Company | Co-production CIRKO – Center for New Circus, Helsinki, Finland

One of us and a rope. Magical images of weightlessness.

A rope hangs above an empty stage and stealthily it begins to spin. The motion of the twist grows bigger, until the entire rope wriggles and squirms in the air as if haunted by an invisible force, inviting the performer to the stage. Surface-brushing movement ties the eye to the rope's strong fibres. The rising swirl pulls along, grips intertwine tightly and feet take off from the ground. Reflections ripple on surfaces, spilling on spectator's skin.


Pinta / Surface from WHS on Vimeo.


New Circus Weekend is supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture 


arts printing house | black hall

>> One ticket is available for two shows (Mortimer and Pinta). Intermission between the shows aprox. 20 min. <<
tickets: 15 eur | tickets available at Box-Offices Tiketa  (buy here) | tickets also available 1 h before the performance at the arts printing house
for booking the tickets, please contact


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Event date:
2015 September 09 d. 19:30