Please Switch On | TAIKA BOX (Finland)

dance and interactive, live technology performance | duration 60'

TAIKA BOX (Suomija)

choreographer Tanja Råman | digital artist John Collingswood


Initially developed as an experiment in finding new audiences for contemporary dance, Please Switch On has evolved into a performance event where everyone in the theatre becomes part of the creative team.

TaikaBox has built a choreographic system that integrates with custom-built digital tools to enable audience members to decide what the show is about, and how movement, sound, light and image contribute to telling a story. Each event is unique, with the starting point decided democratically, the audience using their smartphones and mobile devices to contribute stories, vote on which to use, and choose how to process them into dance. An hour-long performance may work with between 4 and 20 stories, depending on how deep the audience wants to go, and there is potential to revisit everyone’s favourite section to develop it further for a ‘show’ at the end.

TaikaBox, based in Oulu, Finland and Cardiff, Wales was founded in 2010 by choreographer Tanja Råman and digital artist John Collingswood. The company’s name, taken from the Finnish word: ‘Taika’ means ‘magical’ or ‘enchanted’ and the company is dedicated to creating new ways to experience dance. Tanja and John’s collaboration has resulted in the creation of a variety of works including live performances for theatre settings, installations, films and art works that have toured internationally.


arts printing house | pocket hall

tickets 9,20 euro | tickets  at the box offices of Tiketa (buy online here)

photos ©Christoph Schumacher

Event date:
2017 May 26 d. 19:00
2017 May 27 d. 19:00