KITOKS'19: EMPTYHEAD | Tuning People & kinderenvandevilla (Belgium)

recommended age: 7-11 | duration 60‘

actor: Roel Swanenberg | director: Jef Van gestel | sound design: Wannes Deneer | costumes: Maartje Van Bourgognie | light design and technician: Jean - Lou Caglar | movement advice: Karolien Verlinden | production: Tuning People & kinderenvandevilla | coproduction: Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof | in collaboration with: ccBe, C-mine and Froefroe | supported by: STROOM, the culture grant for promising talent in the province of Limburg and the Flemish Community, Arts and Heritage Department.

Emptyhead is a theatrical and musical poem about a boy with a big head. It is a story about a boy, who puts a big white ball on his head and from that moment onwards, he becomes Emptyhead, who lives in his own bizarre world of senses. He makes his own eyes, ears, mouth and nose, whilst using stickers, funnels, football socks and other material. He discovers his environment in a playful manner. By using simple means and a set consisting of many small attributes, it creates poetic and joyful images.

arts printing house | black hall

IMPORTANT: every viewer needs a ticket | small children can not enter for free

tickets: 5€ | falimy ticket (from 4 people): 4€ - this discount only available at the counter of Arts Printing House | tickets at the box offices of TIKETA*(buy online here) | tickets for groups (from 10 people)

Organizers have a right not to let the people into the hall after the performance has starded

Festival is finances by Lithuanian Council for Culture and Vilnius City Municipality

© Clara Hermans (pictures) 

Event date:
2019 January 14 d. 12:00
2019 January 14 d. 18:00
2019 January 15 d. 10:00