New Baltic Dance'19: UNIFORME | Sabina Scarlat (Belgium)

direction: Sabina Scarlat | performance: Sabina Scarlat and Irene Russolillo | scenography: Damian and Kilian van der Velden | music: Giovanni di Domenico | lights design: Etienne Forestier | dramaturgic and choreographic adviser: Lisi Estaras/Ballets C de la B | co-productions: Balsamine Theater, Les Halles de Schaerbeek

With the support of Wallonia Brussels Federation


Uniforme has been developed as part of Garage29 Incubator.


premiere: 2017

duration: 50’

Uniforme stages the necessity of destroying before the necessity of preserving or building again. Coiled in a monotonous music evolving nevertheless in crescendo, two similar women orchestrate the demolition of a sand sculpted decor. Their repeated gestures emphasizing breaking and collapse operate a slow but certain erosion that transfigures the landscape, reducing it to nothing. With a childlike nonchalance, they then begin to rebuild, transforming the apocalyptic landscape into a new miniature city. But once their world is rebuilt, they do not resist the pleasure of destroying it again. The nonsense that emerges at first sight from this infernal repetition claims the right place of destruction in the cycle of life.

Uniforme shapes a world inhabited by beings who make the active and repeated choice of becoming the actors of a natural and necessary corrosion. Neither victims nor executioners of an environment that they shape indefinitely, they renew without concession their pleasure to create, building their identity in a short-lived, fragile world full of loss.

Shortly after having started to study ballet in 1991 at the Bucharest National Conservatory in Romania, Sabina Scarlat experienced a fundamental life shift in her arrival in Brussels. At the end of the adolescence, she threw her interest at philosophy and psychoanalysis. She studied psychology at the Free University of Brussels, but spent her weekends at the parties of the Brussels alternative scene of the beginning of 2000s with its dance and electronic music. It was only a matter of time before she met contemporary dance in a city such as Brussels.


After a few years of double life between her work as psychotherapist and dance, in 2010 she started Garage29, a creation and research space for performing arts that welcomes budding choreographers from all over the world. For several years now, Garage29 has established itself as an inspiring venue where choreographers are encouraged to invent new frameworks, systems and formulas for creation. In 2017, putting into practice her interest for hybrid creations, she signed her first work as a choreographer, Uniforme, a dancing duo on a scenography of sand.



New Baltic Dance festival is organized by Lithuanian Dance Information Centre and Vilniaus Festivaliai



arts printing house | black hall
tickets: 16,20 Eur | tickets at the box office of TIKETA (buy tickets here)


Photo by Giulia Ferrando


Event date:
2019 May 04 d. 19:00