New Baltic Dance'14: The Curio Cabinet | ID:no-688e

International Contemporary Dance Festival ‘New Baltic Dance‘14 presents - The Curio Cabinet | Aura Dance Theater (Lithuania) | ID:no-688e | Marius Pinigis, Mantas Stabačinskas (Lithuania)


 * The Curio Cabinet 


Choreography: Deborah Light (Great Britain)

Dancers: Gotautė Kalmatavičiūtė, Marius Pinginis, Andrius Stakelė, Solveiga Vasiliauskaitė

Costumes: Neil Davies (Great Britain)

Lighting: Dan Young (Great Britain)

Music: „Murcof & Philippe Petit“, „Black Fanfare“, Susumu Yokota and „Deaf Centre“

Duration: 40’ 

Support: The Lithuanian Council for Culture


Mary Anning was a female fossil hunter in early 19th century in Britain. „The Curio Cabinet“ draws inspiration from this remarkable palaeontologist and the creatures she has discovered, her male contemporaries and the shifting social structures of the time.


Curio cabinet Noel Dacey  2


Performed by 2 males and 2 females, gender roles are examined and status struggles are at play in a world that is governed by the laws of survival of the fittest. This is a world of hidden secrets inhabited by archaic creatures, crumbling fossils and terrible lizards. Stark delineation of spatial territory reflects the social structures of the time. Striking costumes by Neil Davies refer both - the restrictive fashions of the 19th century and the prehistoric fossils that became so fashionable to collect.


Deborah Light is an independent choreographer and dance artist based in Cardiff. Her work spans stage, installation and site specific performance as well as image based projects. Her visceral and visually striking work has been presented and commissioned internationally since graduating from Laban. She has received a Creative Wales Award (2009) shortlisted as a Place Prize semi-finalist (2010) and is an associate artist at Chapter. Deborah brings together talented artists from across disciplines to collaborate on her projects, this team currently includes Jo Fong (Rosas, DV8), Eddie Ladd (Volcano, Brith Gof), Rosalind Hâf Brooks (Earthfall), Sion Orgon, Neil Davies.


Using the body as her primary tool, Deborah’s work is an enquiry into the multiplicity of human nature. This provides a catalyst to create revealing works characterized by sophisticated layering of references, disarming honesty and a sense of subtlety. Deborah has developed a distinctive aesthetic that is minimal and stark, driven by powerful images, bare scenography and intriguing costumes. She creates worlds where the familiar can transform to the mysterious this is often laced with subtle humour and dark undertones.





* ID: no-688e

Choreography and performance: Marius Pinigis, Mantas Stabačinskas

Stage directing: Vilma Pitrinaitė

Dramaturgy: Monika Jašinskaitė | Lighting design: Povilas Laurinaitis

Music: David Kovacsovics, Tina Turner

Duration: 30’


The flight by two men from New York (USA) to Kaunas (Lithuania) and its unfortunate ending in 1933 became a legend for Lithuanians in the very same year. The pilots Simonas Darius and Stasys Girėnas died on the way home, in the forest of Soldin that belonged to Germany at that time. Over 50 000 people have taken part in their funeral in Kaunas. The story is often told using the big words as „national spirit“, „a hero“, „a heroic deed“, however, it's sometimes not enough.


DSC 1508


The performance came out of the desire to find a contact between the national heroes of the beginning of the 20th century and the individual of the beginning of the 21st. The artists are interested in questioning the identity and rethinking Lithuanian historical events which have made a great impact on several Lithuanian generations. Who were Darius and Girėnas? Who could they be? The facts related to the flight over the Atlantic Ocean connects into a story told by contemporary man. The body of today becomes the most important tool on the stage, it's motion is driven by the marks of yesterday. 


Marius Pinigis (b. 1986) and Mantas Stabačinskas (b. 1979) gained experience with Kaunas dance theatre „Aura“. At present they work as choreographers and performers in Lithuanian and international dance projects. In 2014 Mantas Stabačinskas was awarded the national Golden Cross of the stage in dancer’s category. Director and choreographer Vilma Pitrinaitė (b. 1985) had been dancing in Kaunas dance theatre „Aura“ and since 2005 she lives and works in France and Belgium. Playwright Monika Jašinskaitė (b. 1982) is a theatre and dance critic.


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Event date:
2014 May 11 d. 19:00