• February 07 d., Wednesday * 19:00
    Padi Dapi Fish: PERSONAL CODE
    dance performance | duration 45' author of idea, choreographer, dancer: Oksana Griaznova | composer: Ignas Andriuškevičius | light designer: Vladas Šerstabojevas | partner: "Teatronas" Production: dance company "PADI DAPI Fish" In the register of the state each one of us is identifiable by a unique sequence of digits – a personal code. What can it tell about the individual behind the digits, and what would happen if one were to extract the digits from their common system and apply them to construct new meanings?
    This solo performance is based on personal research and is performed in diverse variations of the sequence of eleven digits – dancer's personal code. Mathematical choreography evolves into a playful setting, alluring spectators to emancipate their imaginations and to discover their own story where they are unlikely to look – amid the numbers of their personal code. arts printing house | pocket hall tickets: 10 Eur (15% discount for students, pensioners, 80% for people with disabilities) | tickets on the internet:  www.internetu.lt  
  • February 10 d., Saturday * 16:00
    open rehearsal | residency results presentation | duration: 30’ + Q&A, discussion time  5 Minutes is the time given by the Israeli authorities to evacuate civilians from the houses they are about to bomb. It is certainly an act of civilization, inspired by the NATO under the Roof-knocking directive. Thus it improves -it can be said- the previous conditions of the Palestinian / Israeli conflict, but it is beyond doubt that the cancellation of our past through a sudden bombardment is a shocking and brutal act. What does it mean to lose everything in 5 minutes? To be detached from your beloved life in such a shot of time? And maybe without even understanding why? The project does not want to be a political investigation into the reasons of a war as complex as devastating but it wants to narrate the perspectives of common people. What do you do in the 5 minutes before the bombing? Will you escape or stay? What do you take away? What do you think during this time? – questions that international Arts Printing House residents Davide D'antonio and Carlo Massari asked Lithuanian artists when asking them to join the project, create their own 5 minutes stories and tell them in any language of performing arts. Inga Galinytė (performance art) Greta Bernotaitė (performance art) and Erika Vizbaraitė (dance, choreography) joined the residency and together with authors of the project will present their 5 minutes stories in an open rehearsal on 10th of February.
    *Arts Printing House international residency program Print Art On Stage is financed by Lithuanian Council for Culture arts printing house | studio III Free admission