festival KITOKS'17




International festival for children and youth KITOKS'17

12th of January (Thursday) 10.00 and 14.00, pocket hall
TOF Theatre | In the Workshop, Belgium

Theater performance | duration 18' | recommended for viewers from 9 to 12 years of age

1 hour workshop with creators of the show after performance

conception, script, staging, scenography and puppets Alain Moreau | creative staff Sarah Demarthe, Emilie Plazolles | performance:Emilie Plazolles, Angela Malvasi and Yannick Duret | technical staff Bao Ngouansavanh, Alain delval and Jéröme Lenain | animation Chantier Frigolite Emilie Plazolles, Bao Ngouansavanh, Angela Malvasi and Yannick Duret | musical creation Max Vandervorst | lighting design Dimitri Joukovsky | reation and collaboration on the scenario Gilbert Epron, Dimitri Joukovsky | assistant to the scenography Sarah Demarthe

A short wacky performance as a sort of preamble to inviting the audience, both children and adults, to try their hand at making their own puppets. Eighteen crazy minutes to recount the mishaps of a puppet under construction who decides to make a stab at finishing up the job himself... Eighteen minutes during which the character struggles with the elements, with the material, the objects, and sometimes even with the manipulators themselves, to the point of tyrannizing them...

13th of January (Friday) 10.00 and 14.00, black hall
Dansearena nord | Noise Control (Norway)
Elektronic music and dance instalation show I duration 30' | recommended for 13-18 years old youth the discussion with creators of the show after the performance
Art directors and choreographers Mari Bo and Silje Solheim Johnsen | writer Gudmund Østgård | staring ASNE Storli, Bao André Nguyen, Maria Landmark, Mari Bo, Silje Solheim Johnsen and Gudmund Østgård | light design Torbjørn Thrane Sandnes | scenography Mari Lotherington and Eirik Velum Vagli Østbye

Dark room.
Hypnotizing electronic music.
Hundreds of tiny microphones and high, glowing strings that form walls.
Five dancers in the different zones.
You can choose — to watch, listen or dance. Relax — welcome to the Noise Control.
Noise Control is an electronic music and dance installation show, where the audience decides in which part of the space they want to be and how to feel this performance.
Sound showers and 50 mini-speakers are constantly transforming the sound picture depending on where the viewer moves.
Five dancers representing different forms of dance: jazz-ballet, brake dance, modern and contemporary. They all dance to same electronic music.
Spectators are welcome to move freely - there are no chairs and no rules how to enjoy the show. Only sound, movement and your own choice HOW.

14th of January (Saturday) and 15th of January (Sunday) 10.00, 11.00, 12.00 and 16.00, 17.00, 18.00, black hall
LASALA | Little Night (Spain)
Interactive show I duration 40' I recommended for 2-4 years old children
direction Jordi Colominas | script, graphic design and animation Carles Porta | soundtrack and musical composition Josep Ma Baldomä | technic direction and programing Romän Torre | production Isabel Urpi

Simple but spectacular and interactive show in which little viewers actively participate. Children can dance and move by following stimulating elements — moving picture projections on the ground and walls. Magical and unpredictable space together with actors will invite kids to the sensorial game of music rhythms, images and colors, where all the pictures are changing right under you feet, reacting to your moves.


16th of January (Monday) 10.00, 14.00 ir 18.00, juodoji salé
Farrés brothers I  cia | Tripula (Spain)
Interactive theater performance I duration 55'l recommended for 7-10 years old children
creation Jordi Palet, Pep Farrés, Jordi Farrés | script Jordi Palet i Puig I cast Jordi Farrés Pep Farrés I director Jordi Palet i Puig I set design and puppets Jordi Enrich, Farrés brothers i Cia, Alfred Casas | music Jordi Riera | light Jordi Llongueras

Two illuminated scientists have discovered a new way to travel and today exposed a group of passengers. After much work and effort are heart to show us his great evolution in transport: Static Globe. Globe Static travels through space, close to the limits of reality, allowing to go to places that until now nobody suspected existed. The trip promises to be gentle and poetic, but more of a setback can arise that force passengers to join the crew.


17th of January (Tuesday) 10.00 and 18.00, black hall
Peter Baden Productions | Rythms From Space (Norway)

concert's I duration 40' | recommended for 6-10 m. years children | viewers will be able to meet the troupe and explore their technical equipment after the show
director Audny C. Holsen | music composer Peter Baden | scenography and costumes Mia Runningen | video Knut Sævik | script Carl Morten Amunsen and Peter Baden | cast Heidi Ruud Ellingsen, Marius Næss, Randolf Walderhaug, Geir Kvarme, Ingrid Jørgensen and Peter Baden.

Thunderous rhythms, percussion artist from the outer space and a superhero — it's just a few aspects of this performance for the whole family. Performance/concert will take viewers to a country where rhythms are forbidden: only monotone music is legal. The Prime Minister is scared of losing control — 'music can do anything, even enchant! A person can start dancing, improvising and showing emotions!' All of this and much more happening in this visual theater game, where imagery and rhythms set the rules.

organizers can change the program
Free admission for children under 5 years of age, except for the show "Little Night" I children under indicated age are not allowed in workshops
Tickets in the box offices of TIKETA I tickets for groups spektakliai@ menuspaustuve.It
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