new circus weekend'14


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11-14 September, 2014

Circo Aereo (Finland)  | Trilogie Cirque d’Objets (150’)

One evening – three circus tents – three performances – improvised dinner
Discipline: object circus/ juggling | Recomended: 12 + | Duration: 150‘
Created and performed by: Jani Juutinen
Finland’s first contemporary circus company Circo Aereo traditionally brings one of the company's productions to the Festival.

“New Circus Weekend’14” will begin with Trilogie Cirque d’Objets- three performances  (“Un cirque juste juste”, “Un cirque tout juste”, “Un cirque plus juste and a dinner”) shown in one night, created and performed by France-based finnish juggler Jani Juutinen. The guests will establish their circus camp with the three circus tents and their caravans in the old town of Vilnius and will announce that the New Circus has arrived into the city.

Nuutinen's subtle work goes beyond traditional virtuosity. He manipulates everyday objects and other odd homemade objects in an unexpected way. The audience do not know what to expect but venture out to uncharted waters with the performer. The wooden circus ring brings the audience close to the performer – all three performances catches the intimate atmosphere of circus campfires. Something you have never seen before and will never see again!

To strengthen this magic experience – the audience will be invited to an improvised dinner.

Cie Les Choses de Rien (France)  | Mouvinsitu (60’)

Hybrid project approached through the prisms of choreographic and visual arts
Discipline: contemporary dance/ acrobatics/ vizual arts | Recomended: 14 + | Duration: 60‘
Created and performed by: Boris Gibé and Florent Hamon

For 3 years, Boris Gibé and Florent Hamon question the crossing between dance, circus and cinema. Through the filmed image, how the movement could become a narrative, or the contemporary body to serve a wished poetics? Their search ended in a series of short films bound to an exhibition and to a creation of a choreographic piece, which invite the spectator to share a mental journey in the crossings of various scenic and visual languages. Between unconscious comic slidings, halving, dizzinesses, loss of identity, this choreographic and plastic exploration of the dream aims at creating some fiction around the notion of track, perdition of the reality, " this rest " which escapes us and which articulates nevertheless our dreams. So questioning some forgery which says the truth, they propose us the putting in abyss of a dream and give us to see the machinery, the manufacturing "In situ".

CirqueGebouw (Netherlands / Belgium), Konstantin Kosovec  (Lithuania) | Open Circus gala (90’)

Discipline: various disciplines | „CirqueGebouw“ cast: Guillermo Leon De Keijzer (Mexico), Valentine Remels (Belgium), „Duo TAM“ (Norway), Clara Prieto Boix (Spain), Vincent Kollar (Germany), Roxana Küven (Germany), Monika Neverauskaitė (Lithuania), Javier Shez Martz (Spain), Tomas Gudėnas (Lithuania)

Recomended: no limmits | Duration: 90'

Interactive “Open Circus Gala” will present different kinds of new circus disciplines (jugglery, acrobatics, clownery and contemporary dance elements) and will introduce the audience with the best sketches of  colourful troupe CirqueGebouw works. 11 artists – 11 different interactive performances. Together they will make a show full of fun, surprises, contact with the audience and playing around.

CirqueGebouw is a bunch of circus artists who come together as a troupe. They have one name but there are always different people in the troupe. All artists have their own solo acts that create one big show of different performances with different circus disciplines. CirqueGebouw name was created last year specially for “New Circus Weekend’13” festival in Vilnius. But it all comes from a gate-building called Poortgebouw placed in Rotterdam.  It is a small community of 30 people with different nationalities and backgrounds living together and organizing different activities. Poortgebouw Open Stage is one of the event which has been organized for more than 2 years. It’s an independent event where everything is based on their own good will and initiative to create, play and perform together with people and for people.

1854 | Konstantin Kosovec | Lithuania

In recent years, Arts Printing House is glad to present Lithuanian artists experiments in new circus field. The Festival inspired the first contemporary circus performances, gave the encouragement to arise artists and the troupes of the modern circus. This year, Lithuania will be presented by acrobat and juggler Konstantin Kosovec and his new  performance "1854". This performance combine aerial acrobatics, dance, objects and juggling. "1854" is a meeting in a strange space, in a strange world.

Clément Dazin (France)  | Bruit de Couloir (35’)

Discipline: contemporary dance/ juggling | Recomended: 12 + | Duration: 35‘
Created and performed by: Clément Dazin

Bruit de Couloir is about a strange phenomenon called NDE, Near Death Experience. Everybody who experiences this phenomenon seems to share a pathway: Firstly they have the sensation of being in a tunnel with an intense light ahead of them.  During the second stage, their lives flash before their eyes.

This solo has nothing to do with death, it concerns life. At the heart of the show lies a unique choregraphy which links contemporary dance, hip hop dance and a singular way of juggling in which the balls are both manipulated objects and at other times movement catalysts.

One intention is to trouble the audience’s perception of time through the use of slow-motion, staccato, repetition and high speed movement.
The different stages of life can be identified physically thanks to clear corporeal representations of age through time.

R2JE (30’) | Clément Dazin and Chinatsu Kosakatani
R2JE – playful dance and juggling date. Premiere!

Discipline: contemporary dance/ juggling | Recomended: 12 + | Duration: 30‘
Created and performed by: Clément Dazin and Chinatsu Kosakatani

Game* : “- Pastime activity governed by a set of agreed-upon rules, featuring one or more winners and losers, and in which one or more of physical and intellectual skill, dexterity, and chance play a part;
- Physical or intellectual activity with no utilitarian goal in which one takes part to entertain oneself;
- Action, attitude of someone who acts foolishly, who lets whim or fancy dictate his or her conduct; (...)
- The way someone uses something, especially his own physical strength, in order to accomplish something;
- Regular motion of a mechanism or organ (...).”

Those definitions of the French word “jeu” seem to also apply to what happens when two people meet. Clément Dazin and Chinatsu Kosakatani question the different “jeux” that can play a part in the relationship between a man and a woman. Three phases seem to appear, which they express through their bodies, their eyes, and through rhythm.

Attracted by the idea of movement, Clément Dazin tried his hand at juggling at a very young age. His taste for contemporary dance, physical theatre, hip-hop, and juggling allows him to mix those different disciplines in his shows. In Bruit de couloir (Wild Rumour), for instance, he dances and juggles at the same time.

Hailing from Japan, Chinatsu Kosakatani has performed for many choreographers (Carolyn Carlson, Ohad Naharin, Rui Orta, etc.). She created her own company, Ahimsa, named after her first creation. She aims to explore, through movement, the meaning of human feelings as well as intangible sensations.