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6th Semptember | 19:00 | black hall

Cie BAM | WillyGoodWood (France)

Acrobatics | duration 50’ | suitable for children

Performers Natalie Good (Tight-Wire) | William Thomas (acrobatics) | Jérémy Manche (music)| costume designer Laure Hyeronimus

WillygoodWood is a show of a troupe „Cie BAM“, composed of three circus acts , a solo on the wire , a solo and a duet acrobatics performed by two circus performers . Although the three performances can be separate, they are all united by the main mood and the crazy musician playing live music through all the show.

These three numbers are inviting the audience to discover our circus in a rock'n'roll atmosphere where everyone can be amazed by physical prowess and grace of our artists.

7th September | 19:00 | black hall

Henrik Agger ir Louise von Euler Bjurholm | Extreme Symbiosis (Sweden)

Acrobatics | duration 55‘| circus not for children

Performers Henrik Agger and Louise von Euler Bjurholm

Henrik Agger and Louise von Euler Bjurholm presents an intimate 55 minute documentary performance that gives the spectator an insight to their work, practice and lives as pair acrobats. Henrik and Louise has been working together for 14 years and in “Extreme Symbiosis” they share their artform and everyday life as performers.

By showing and highlighting the importance of constant mental and physical training in their artform they hope to broaden peoples understanding of it. The daily practice is their common goal as well as a driving force that overrides even personal feelings. The trust and the cooperation needed in their practice is affected by both emotional and external factors such as time and space. The performance is heartfelt and touches on universal experiences that anyone can relate to.

„By adding our own documented material such as film, texts and audio interviews we hope that the different medias can complement each other and together convey a nuanced picture of our practice.“

>> performace is in English | after the performace there will be a mini – discussion, the audience will have a chance to ask the performers some questions <<


8th September | 19:00 | black hall

El Nucleo | Who am I? (France)

parkour | acrobatics | duration 75‘ | suitable for children

creators and performers Wilmer Marquez and Edward Aleman | sound designer and sound engineer Gregory Adior | light designer Tony Guérin | costume designer Marie Meyer | video designer Vincent Graffaut | texts Ronan Cheneau | set constructors Mathieu Delangle and Pierre André

How can one find his own place in an always moving world? In a maze of information, datas, signs?

Who am I when everything is changing?

Those questions about identity might be too big, but Wilmer Marquez and Edward Aleman face them, knowing that they may not have answers. These questions are what makes us alive, get us totally committed, body and mind.

In the stage set they designed, constraint becomes a toy and tension becomes a strength; the obstacles are an excuse to invent; differences are an opportunity to unite; risk is a chance to grab.

„Who am I?“ is the question at any instant, and the acrobatic duet finds metaphorical strength in it.

When defining their connection, actors say, that they always try to build their confidence, both in themselves in in each other, thus finding their own personal history, creating a new processes of working together, and a new balance.


9th September | 19:00 | black hall

Overhead Project | Carnival of the body (Germany)

Acrobatics | contemporary dance | duration 55‘ | circus not for children

choreography & dance: Tim Behren & Florian Patschovsky | exterior eye and coaching Tobias Wegner, Tobias M. Draeger | light Jasper Diekamp | music-composition Simon Bauer | costume designer Sabine Schneider | management Mechtild Tellmann Kulturmanagement

In “Carnival of the body” the acrobatic and choreographic duo Overhead Project deals with physical reality and the reception of wrestling – one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the USA.

In between funfair tradition and million-dollar business wrestling represents an absurdly fascinating hybrid of sports and show, athletics and entertainment – a fully choreographed circus of testosterone. Tim Behren and Florian Patschovsky wrestle with Butler, Foucault, Mickey Rourke and with themselves.

“Carnival of the body” is physical body capabilities, together with its intimacy, conveyed thorugh circus and dance form of wrestling. Closely observed, breathtakingly acrobatic and darkly humorous.



10th September | 17:00 | yard

Overhead Project & HeadFeedHands | [How to be] Almost There (Germany)

Acrobatics | contemporary dance | duration 10‘ | suitable for children

idea and performace Tim Behren, Florian Patschovsky | choreography Tim Behren, Anne Hirth, Maya Lipsker, Florian Patschovsky | stage and costumes designer Alexandra Süssmilch | sound arrangemen Roy Carroll | music Roy Carroll, A Filetta, Pohjonen

Two men in an atmosphere of breathlessness, of desperation, of silent contortion and hopeless rebellion. A sandstorm desert of chairs in no man’s land. One who loses himself in the need for company and privacy, for human closeness and distance. The other one - tries to tear down these walls, that we all build in our selves.

This highly physical male duet, danced by the acrobats Tim Behren and Florian Patschovsky, uses unusual, powerful bodywork to surprising effect – a precisely defined symbiosis of circus and dance.


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Nucleo | Nonstop (France)

various disciplines | duration 45‘ | suitable for children

idea and perfomance by Wilmer Marquez ir Edward Aleman | scenography Nicolas Bernard | co-operation Gregory Adoir

It is freely flowing and organic, simple and sincere energy.

„El Nucleo“ presents an unforgettable, interactive circus show, where the main point is a game and connection between actors and the viewers.

Performance is driven by jokes, tricks and surprises that fascinate with its simplicity and authenticity.

*Show will also be performed at the Kirtimai Culture Center


11th September | 15:00



10th September | 21:00 | black hall

11th September | 19:00 | black hall

Swalbard | All Genius All Idiot (Sweden)

Various disciplines | duration 70‘ | Suitable for viewers of 15 and over

Idea and performance by Benjamin Smith, John Simon Wiborn, Tom Brand, Santiago Ruiz Albalate | artistic colaboration Peter Jasko | scenography Kasper Svenstrup Hansen | light designer Zuzana Režnį | exterior eye Methinee Wongtrakoon | exterior eye/acrobatic coach Bahoz Temaux | musical exterior eye Mae Karthäuser | costume designer - Michiel Tange van Leeuwen

There is a fine line between the genius and the idiot, similar to the conflict within ourselves: the battle between the instinct and the intellect. The idiot is often equated with stupidity and the instinct with the animalistic. On the other side the genius is often regarded as human and equated with intellectuality.

What makes us a genius and what makes us an idiot?

„All Genius All idiot“ is the project about the conflict every human has inside themselves between there instincts (the animalistic primeval intuition) and the intellect (the human rational, consciousness).

The idea of this project is to create a show, pedestaling our vulnerabilities and down treading our strengths. revels in the absurdities of life, using extreme circus artistry to highlight various human behaviour. „Svalbard“ presents miscellaneous circus: mixed with theatre, physical comedy and live music, to create a truly original piece that you will remember for its surreal quality as well as its awe-inspiring skills.

All Genius All Idiot features Chinese pole, aerial rope, hand balance and acrobatics, driven by a hauntingly beautiful and original soundtrack, played live by the performers. They will be all singing all dancing all flying all crying all rocking all genius all idiots!


10th September | 16:00 | pocket hall

Aleksandras Lempertas & Dolita Bubnytė | KUT AUT (Lithuania / Germany) | work in progress

creators Aleksandras Lempertas, Dolita Bubnytė and Augustė Vickunaitė | light designer Urtė Sabutytė

free entrance | registration required

This work is a result of the experimental music and contemporary circus creators collaboration. Variously manipulated magnetic audio tape loops interact with motion loops. Juggling, music and dance become layers and treir synthesis creates a solid and unique audiovisual Picture.

>>organizers can change the program<<