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Arts Printing House presents a new street theater festival SPOT! From 12th to 15 th of July, 2018 festival will take place in various Vilnius streets, squares and even water ponds. Series of street performances and art installations will invite everyone to see urban spaces with new eyes and participate with no age restrictions and NO TICKETS - festival is completely free!

During all the long weekend the yard of Arts Printing House will become our festivals' lounge, food and after-show discussion zone. On Saturday evening we will invite you to the opening/closing party in our coziest back yard.



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12 (Thursday) 20.00 and 13(Friday) 20.00
ARRIVED | Adrian Schvarzstein/Jūratė Širvytė-Rukštelė(Spain/Lithuania)

street theater performance | duration 45'

starting point Arts Printing House


They came from the not-so-distant past and therefore see the present-day world through somewhat different eyes. They appear to be blissfully naïve and willing to help everyone and in every place. They are obsessed with orderliness, trying scrupulously to tidy up the city, its citizens, and every single thing that catches their eye. They surprise passers-by with their funny behavior, provoke and make them laugh by creating absurd and surreal situations. The ‘newcomers’ interpret everyday life situations using their own logic, so torn jeans, smoking in a public place, a short dress or a lone man on the bench may affect the course of the performance and cause a lot of funny and absurd situations.

Adrian Schvarzstein
Argentine-born Spanish actor, comedian, clown, circus and theatre director, street theatre director and artist. Since 1989 he has worked with a number of European circus and street theatre companies, collaborated in staging opera, theatre, and television productions. He is the recipient of 2008 MiramirO Award for Kamchatka street theatre project as its director, Ernst Prize of 2010 Bremen street theatre festival, and Zirkólika Award as the best circus director. For twenty years his street theatre performances including GREENMAN, The Bed and DANS have continued to draw crowds of enthusiastic audiences and garner prizes at international festivals around the world. This is probably due to the fact that an audience is always given the leading role in his performances.

Jūratė Širvytė-Rukštelė
Dancer, choreographer, and director, specialising in historical dance and theatre. She has contributed choreographies for several productions of Baroque operas at the Latvian National Opera in Riga, Banchetto Musicale Early Music Festival and the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania in Vilnius, etc. Her collaboration with Adrian Schvarzstein began in 2014, as his assistant in the production of Adriano Banchieri’s madrigal comedy La Barca at the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania.


12 (Thursday) and 13(Friday) 18.00

duration 60’ |  starting point Cathedral Square, Gediminas monument

idea Greta Grinevičiūtė ir Agnietė Lisičkinaitė | performed by B&B

Who creates history? We are used to hearing news on Tv or radio, reading historic books, admiring or getting shocked by well known facts. But what if we took surroundings we find ourselves in and created our own history? Would it effect the present moment?
B&B are inviting all Vilnius citizens and guests for a trip around famous SPOTS of Vilnius and suggest to take a look at our history from different point of view.

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13 (Friday) 19.00 and 22.00 | 14 (Saturday) 15.00 and 20.00

THE YELLING KITCHEN PRINCE | Bram Graafland (The Netherlands)

duration: 27’30’’ | Arts Printing House yard

concept, script and direction Bram Graafland | performer Bram Graafland

The Yelling Kitchen Prince appears on the stage with an extraordinary piece of apparatus comprising kitchen utensils, an electric organ and a drumset, cooking up music and pancakes all at the same time. The show revolves at a tremendous rate around bits of theatre, circus and a musical concert which all lead to a grande finale which just happens to be a culinary delight. Airborne ingredients, pounding music, an unbelievably sharp kitchen knife – all of these elements sweep us along to an outpouring of talent, the climax to which is just ... the one solitary pancake!

Bram Graafland is a Dutch comedian and musician who creates his own one man shows which shock the audience with their extraordinary inventiveness in the use of multifunctional props which he makes himself.


14 (Saturday) and 15 (Sunday) 11.00, 16.00 and 19.00 
STELI | Stalker Teatro (Italy)

interactive installation 


11.00, 16.00 Bernardinai park

19.00 Odminių square

director Gabriele Boccacini | original score Stanislao Lesnoj e SmZ / Riccardo Ruggeri | performers Adriana Rinaldi, Dario Prazzoli, Stefano Bosco | light design Andrea Sancio Sangiorg

“Steli” is an urban, interactive project, with a great visual impact. A bridge between contemporary art and performance. A contemporary happening addressed to a wide ranging audience - huge colourful sticks construction popping out in the middle of the city, with the help of the audience. Collective installation with charming interactivity, able to refresh a grey urban jungle.

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14 (Saturday) 12.00-15.00, 21.00 - 23.00 and 15 (Sunday) 15.00-18.00

FOG SOUND ENVIRONMENT | Edwin van der Heide (Netherlands)

Back yard of The Presidential Palace

concept: Edwin van der Heide | realization: Edwin van der Heide with Adriaan de Man, Erfan Abdi and Jens de Groot

Fog Sound Environment is an experiential artwork where real fog is being created by pushing water under very high pressure through hundreds of nozzles. The fog system consists of independent sections that surround the foreland. The timing and distribution of the fog is part of a composition system that incorporates the on-site wind direction in real-time. The fog is dispersed across the, by high trees and water enclosed, grassy terrain . The behavior of the fog is under direct influence of the local weather; sun, rain and wind all have their influence on the behavior of the fog and experience of the work.

A soundscape of electronically generated spatial interferences surrounds the audience while it integrates with, and builds upon, the existing sound environment of the surrounding trees and boats. The fog and the sound both merge with the environment and create an altogether new experience.

2014-07-11-Studio-Eclipse-Two-Sink-Three-Float-Deventer-Op-Stelten-by-Eddy-Dibbink 003 - Copy

14 (Saturday) 18.00 | 15 (Sunday) 14.00 and 18.00
TWO SINK THREE FLOAT | Studio Eclipse (Belgium)

dance perofmance under- and on- water | duration 45'

Markučiai park pond

concept and choreography: Satya Roosens | dancers: MirteCourtens / Estelle Delcambre, Christophe Degelin, Satya Roosens | Visual artist: Kurt Demey | Technician: Jeronimo Garcia | Constructor: Colin Kassies | Composer: Giovanni di Domenico | Dramaturgic Advise: Klaus Jürgen | Textile Designer: Rosalie Spruijt | Stage: MaelPalu (FAIAR)

The dance is situated above and below the water’s surface; in the water and on the platform.
The platform is a symbol for the perceptible, the conscious, the known. The water symbolizes the protected, unconscious, unreachable. Objects appear on the surface. Wet bodies are dragged onto the floating platform. The body, half in the water; physical meetings and a figure that disappears instantly.
The performance is built around three characters, two women and one man, who behave differently towards each other and towards their surroundings. The audience is brought into a recognizable game of humans behaviors. Letting go, keeping close and leaving behind.
Through movement the three performers translate this unknown amphibious environment.
The audience enters a certain atmosphere, an atmosphere where the natural world becomes a necessary part of the whole. It’s as if the audience simply passes, on their way to somewhere else. It seems that you catch a glimpse of a world that is always there, hidden from sight .
The underlying tension of the movement material comes from the physical possibilities and limitations that the water and the platform impose.
Inspiration is taken from the water, wetness, depth, weightlessness, dry land, breath and necessity.

Company Studio Eclipse creates performances for specific locations, where external elements evoke purity and inspire movement.

attention: there might be slight time and place corrections for the performances