International street theater festival SPOT
2020 July 9-12, Vilnius


Due to COVID-19 restrictions, registration is required to maintain audience limits.

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LABRYS | IevaKrish (LT, LV)

July 9 (Thursday) 18:00, 21:00


immersive movement performance / sound installation / spatial dance | duration: 60’
location: yard of European Humanities University (Savičiaus st. 17)


concept, choreography, scenography: Krišjānis Sants & Ieva Gaurilčikaitė-Sants | sound and programming
: Jēkabs Nīmanis, Pāvils Jurjāns | performers: Ieva Gaurilčikaitė, Jana Jacuka and/or Krišjānis Sants | construction of scenography: 
Lauris Puriņš, Aleksandrs Ļubinskis | producer: 
Ieva Ozoliņa (Horeogrāfu Asociācija) | tour managers: 

Ģertrūde Uopeniece & Marta Treimane (Tuvumi) | support: State Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia


Labrys is an immersive dance performance that by its geometrical state and passage of time can be compared with a labyrinth: a place in which one can get lost even if the organisation seems clear. Labrys is also a spatial sound installation. Movement trajectories as well as sound of Labrys resemble live tracery simultaneously emerging in space and vanishing. In Labrys like in their previous performances IevaKrish try to find ways for art to be experienced from within. This time performers move around the seated audience, in turn, audience members turn around their axis and consequently all mentioned participate in both: observing as well as creating choreography.

Labrys is a humanly attempt to create imagined, architectonic constructions through movement and sound. The performance space is not used to create movement — the movement is modelling a space where two minds and two bodies have to constantly work together to perform mathematically complicated spatial combinations. In this attempt to construct an imagined labyrinth a notion of human imperfection and fragility is revealed.


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SANTA MELODICA ORCHESTRA | Synaesthesis, Andreas Trobollowitsch (LT, AT)

July 9 (Thursday) 19:00, 20:00, 21:00 (National Gallery of Art)

July 10 (Friday) 19:00, 20:00, 21:00 (Gediminas’ Castle Tower)


sound performance | duration: 20’
location: National Gallery of Art / Gediminas’ Castle Tower


The ‘Santa Melodica Orchestra’ is a sound performance for thirteen performers, melodicas, cable tubes and balloons. While playing, each performer swings their instrument at a certain speed. Together they create an arpeggio effect, that constantly changes due shifts in speed, turning the performers into a continually transforming kinetic organism.


Vilnius City Contemporary Music Ensemble Synaesthesis enjoys a growing reputation in the contemporary music world. This team of young and ambitious musicians has taken up the mission of introducing works by experimental Lithuanian and foreign composers to the performance venues. The ensemble’s vision goes beyond sound – into space, light, movement and narrative – anything that allows for professionally performed music to become a multidimensional creation, blurring the boundaries between genres. Andreas Trobollowitsch is a Vienna-based composer, performer and sound- and installation artist. He works extensively in the fields of electroacoustic composition and improvisation and has composed for dance, theatre, film and radio.




SOUND(e)SCAPE | Agnė Matulevičiūtė, Edvinas Kopcevas (LT)

July 10 (Friday) 18:00 (day walk), 23:00 (night walk)

July 12 (Sunday) 12:00 (day walk), 15:00 (bike walk)


interactive soundwalk | duration: 1,5-2 h

route: day walk – V. Kudirka square – Palace of Culture and Sports

night walk – Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania – Park of Ponds (Užupis)

bike walk – Bridge in Vingis park (Žvėrynas) – Park of Architecture (Kaukysos st.)


created by: Agnė Matulevičiūtė, Edvinas Kopcevas


It is natural for a person to collect his memories in visual material such as photography The camera app in one’s phone is used much more often than the sound recorder. However, audio memory can be just as vivid as visual one. A soundscape is a mixture of musical and non-musical sounds, it signifies the totality of ambient sounds. This concept is widely used in the world of sound art and music because these sounds surround the individual every day and affect his emotions, mood and feelings. Thanks to this term, the science of sound ecology has also been associated with the occurrence of noise pollution.


A soundwalk allows us to put our other senses aside and focus on listening and absorbing sound only. It allows us to become mindful of our surroundings while developing important sensory awareness skills and lets us explore places in a way we probably haven’t explored them yet. SOUND(e)SCAPE will be guiding us through mainstream locations and sites, daily facilities and other interesting places with unusual soundscape. After SOUND(e)SCAPE, all the participants will receive an email with interactive online mixer, where they can experiment with their sounds, add effects or download a particular soundscape.


Uzpustyti. Foto Donatas Bielkauskas pagrindine


DRIFTED | Šeiko Dance Company (Lithuania)

July 11 (Saturday) 13:00, 16:00 ir 19:00


dance performance – historical tour | duration: 60’
location: Bartkuškis inland dune (Vilnius County, Širvintos District Municipality)


director: Agnija Šeiko | choreographers: Agnija Šeiko and Inga Kuznecova | music: Kristijonas Lučinskas, Benas Šarka and „AOUM“ (Edmundas Gylys, Vladimir Konstantinov, Karina Novikova, Donatas Bielkauskas, Larion Dyakov) | text: Sondra Simana | costume design: Sandra Straukaitė | dancers: Šeiko Dance Company | thank you to: Raimonda Ravaityte-Meyer and Aušra Feser | producer: Vilija Bartašiūtė | project supported by: Lithuania Culture Council, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania, Neringa Municipality, Klaipėda City Municipality | text read by: Agnija Šeiko, Darius Meškauskas, Mikas Urbonas, Kristina Švenčionytė, Mantvydas Poškus, Edvardas Brazys, Sigutis Jačėnas, Martynas Jackus, Saulė Skliuderytė, Sofija Lučinskaitė, Liudas Vyšniauskas, Karolis Makauskas, Neringa Abrutytė, Vaiva Kvedaravičiūtė


This performance and historical excursion around the Nida Parnidis dune and its surroundings tells the story about the changing nature of the unique coastal region and the fate of its inhabitants and visitors.


Surrounded by sand and inviting spectators armed with headphones for new experiences, this dance performance is a poetic historical excursion where one can hear and experience stories about the Neringa villages that were buried in sand and then rebuilt, and the famous artists, writers and philosophers who have lived and visited there. The pages of Curonian spit history are portrayed through the movements of dancers scattered on the dune and forest nearby. The story subtly gives life to the historical, poetic, and musical narrative through expressive movements, creating a unique experience for the audience.


It is a fifth Šeiko Dance Company performance-tour. This unique form of harmony between history and movement, the real environment and the fiction that revives it, offers new and unexpected stories about seemingly familiar spaces.




HUMAN IN BALANCE – Vilnius Edition | DON GNU (DK, LT)          
July 11 (Saturday) 18:00        
July 12 (Sunday) 12:00


physical theatre performance | duration: 35’          
location: courtyard of Lukiškės prison


concept: DON GNU – Physical Theatre & Film | režisūra ir choreografija: Jannik Elkær & Kristoffer Louis Andrup Pedersen | local co-choreographer: Petras Lisauskas | performers: Petras Lisauskas, Jeppe Kaas Vad, Džiugas Kunsmanas, Ema Senkuvienė, Adrian Carlo Bibiano | composer: Alice Carreri | local musicians: Žygimantas Gudelis GON, Lyja Maknavičiūtė | producer: Malene Cathrine Pedersen


‘Human in Balance - Vilnius Edition’ is a unique outdoor performance specific for the city of Vilnius. Using techniques from contemporary dance and new circus the Danish physical theatre company DON GNU puts all on one board! Can we create balance between different cultures and humans?

Balancing on the supersized balance board the team meets up with local artists and musicians to create a unique and once-in-a-lifetime show, specific for the city of Vilnius! The gigantic 500 kilo heavy balance board serves as a clear metaphor for interpersonal relationships and cooperation: We cannot move around, without affecting others. Look forward to a nerve-wrecking, powerful and poetic performance merging cool Nordic shades with the everyday life and culture in Vilnius.


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PRAKRITI | Oskaras Gudas (LT)
July 9-12 (Thursday-Sunday) 16:00 - 00:00

installation sculpture 
location: Fluxus Bridge (next to Vilnius Academy of Art)

author: Oskaras Gudas | support: Layher Baltic

Due to the perpetual transmutation of our planet, no two uniform dawns exist, souls or river streams alike. This inimitable and incommutable dynamic adorns the Earth‘s visage, inventing the same beauty that ever-controlling human has tried to tame, depict and replicate. Simultaneously, technology often strives to distance itself from nature, rather than collaborating with it.


Prakriti means nature, source and primary, tangible, material state, whom conceals liberation.

The waterfall is traditionally and spiritually perceived as an offering for nature (prakriti), rivers, their streams and their stones. The symmetrical ensemble of two waterfalls is an industrial, man-made nature‘s wonder. It illustrates the potential of resonating the humble, symbiotic yet cooperative gestures in ample scale.


Glowing in rays of calm sunset by one cheek, welcomed by dewy sunrise on the other; the installation shimmers in different emotions as it collaborates day to day with the midsummer‘s sun, violent thunderstorms or drenching fresh rain. The nature‘s wonders are unequalled when compared to man-made ones, the ensamble reminds, encouraging to foster and safeguard, rather than imitate and simulate. The installation provokes to listen – as the nature hosts us and our civilized constructs in welcoming manner; humans alike shall fearlessly capitulate and invite the nature into ourselves.


the festival is supported by Lithuanian council for culture