CIRCollaborative Tools

CIRCollaborative Tools is an experimental learning project of 9 partners for 2016-2019 that aims at developping and improving the use of online collaborative tools among the contemporary circus sector, finding common work methods at a European scale.

The project involved workshops, residency exchanges, meetings and study visits in various European countries with representatives of the Arts Printing House, local residents and contemporary circus artists.
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* In 2018, Taigi Cirkas (Konstantin Kosovec and Elena Nechiporenko) took part in a residency exchange at La Central del Circ in Barcelona and Espace Catastrophe in Brussels
* The project included workshops for managers and artists to learn to integrate digital tools in their activities. July 2018 – workshop at the Arts Printing House; August 2018 – workshop at the CIRQUEON Center in Prague (attended by Maria Baranauskaite and Elena Nechiporenko)
* In May 2018, a meeting was held in Budapest, attended by representatives of the Arts Printing House and RED NOSES Clown Doctors: Miglė Kolinytė, Danguolė Petrikaitė and Algirdas Urbonas.
* The project also included study visits to Barcelona (La Central del Circ), Brussels (Espace Catastrophe), Prague (Cirqueon) and Toulouse (La Grainerie). They were attended by the staff of the Arts Printing House, Marija Baranauskaitė (artistic director of RED NOSES Clown Doctors, representative of the Lithuanian Contemporaty Circus Association), Renida Baltrušaitytė (representative of Cirkuliacija festival).