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Residency program: Print Arts on Stage

International residency program is a chance for both international performing arts creators and Lithuanian artist living abroad to come work at the Arts Printing house for a short period of time, leave their daily routines, get some fresh inspiration, find possible future partners for collaboration, meet local performing arts community, create and learn together and, of course, present their work process on our stage.

How does it work?

7-10 artists or artistic companies visit Arts Printing House throughout the season. Young or experienced, emerging or well known – all types of creators are provided with spaces to rehears, technical help and consultations from local professionals (directors, dramatists, etc.) if needed. During their time in Arts Printing House, residents invite Lithuanian audience to their work in progress presentations, open rehearsals, discussions and even to see almost finished pieces. Residents are also encouraged to invite local artists to workshops, talks or lectures.

FREE RESIDENCY | if you email us with a proposal, please attach a video with your work and technical requirements

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for information about paid residency possibilities please see here


"Lento e Largo" spektaklio atvira repeticija | Jonas&Lander (Portugalija) Glasses'n Beard Photography

Why residencies?

By organizing Print Art on Stage residency programme, Arts Printing House seeks to provide residency services for international young performing arts creators who implement innovative, alternative, experimental contemporary non verbal, physical, experience based, street theatre as well as dance, new circus, new opera and interdisciplinary projects. This kind of international collaboration attracts performing arts experience, knowledge and innovations to Lithuania, while also being useful to local performing arts community, encouraging its’ development. This residency programme does not only welcome artist – it is always searching for possibilities to send Lithuanian artists to residencies in other countries. One of the most important objectives of this programme is to be able to welcome back Lithuanian artists who live abroad and give them the opportunity to work on their projects and present them in Lithuania.

Who participates in the programme?

Individual artists and collectives from Europe and the rest of the world. The list of all the residents can be found here:


1+1=11 (Norway)

NONcompany (Norway)
Winterguests (Norway)
Transitteatret Bergen (Norway)

karen foss Quite Works (kfQW) (Norway)
NONcompany (Norway)
Anatomy of Dance (Latvia)
Room 100 (Croatia)
TANMIS (Sweden)
Anna Vigeland/Cassia Project (Canada)
Claudio Stellato (Brussels/Italy)
Teatro Atomico (Spain)


Ine Terese Hogstad (Norway)

TODAY collective (Denmark)
June 16-23 Studio 3
Project: Brigittes shower (dance theatre)

Miguel Bonneville (Portugal)
25 June - 14 July Studio 2
Project: The Importance of Being Simone de Beauvo (Dance/Performance)

Yael Maftsir (Israel)
July 1-7 Pocket Hall
Project: Welcom 2 Thailand (comedy cabaret)

Sanna Vellava (Finland)
July 15-28 Black hall
Project RAJA (Border) (contemporary circus/dance)
Sanna's workshops for 2 groups:
1. group:
"Introduction to vertical rope"
2. group:
"Vertical rope and contemporary dance - from the floor to the air and back"

Howool Baek (Germany)
July 14-30 Pocket Hall
Project: Body on the body (working title) (contemporary dance)

Milla Koistinen (Finland, Latvia)
15-27 July Studio 2
Project: False (working title) (dance/theatre)

Eirini Sourgiadaki (Greece)
July 27 - August 11 Studio 3
Project: My first tic tac of all your seconds (performance)

Sirkus Supiainen (Finland)
29 July - 11 Augusy Black Hall
Project: [heresy] (Contemporary circus)

Reality Research Center / Saara Hannula (Finland)
July 29- August 11 Glass hall
Project: Utopia Consultation (Contemporary theatre)

Iodine teatre (Norway)
12-31 August, Pocket Hall
Project: “Melting Bridges and Falling Snow” – part the Melting Point Project (dance/theatre)

Marit loe Bjornstad (Norway)
September 2-15 Studio 2
Project: Saman (Dance/Theatre)

Simona Biekšaitė (Norway)
17 October – 11 November Glass Hall
Project: Pink Cloud Effect (theatre)


zero visibility corp. / Lene Bang 
“A Second Language” / Producers’ Residency  

Siim Tõniste & Üüve-Lydia Toompere & Liis Tamm

Vincent BOZEK
Cow Boys

Zero Gravity Company
In Other Words (working title)



Ragnhild Freng and Dale Rafael Dernbach
Decolonizing the future – Science Fiction as speculative, transformational and ethnographic performance

Karina Opdal and Tone Johansen Kløvstad
EIGHT EYES AROUND A TABLE - the work is cross genre – including physical, vocal, musical, textual and visual work.

Mirte Bogaert ir Vincent Stephen (Fourth Stage) 
All the waves was in a Flame- music and dance performance/work in progress for public

Virgis Puodziunas ir Oralando Rodriquez ( contemporary dance)
Meeting with Lithuanian dance community

Monika Neverauskaitė
Little Bit - two contemporary circus performances/work in progress for public

Yasen Vasilev & Džiugnas Kunsmanas
Nutricula - movement performance

Liza Baliasnaja
Residual - dance research/performance for public

Dewey Dell
Sleep Technique - presentation of the costume design process,  few listenings of music together with some choreographed parts performed for public



Kallo Collective
Chameleon - contemporary circus and visual theater performance/open rehersal for public

Maurícia Barreira Neves
„The power of unknown CHAOS“ - dance performance/open rehersal for public

Urban Spray Lexicon | On the Road towards Vilnius Walls Chapter research presentation with Lithuanian actress Monika Poderytė

DigiDance wokshops for students and two performances "Please Swithc On" performed together with Lithuanians dancers and actors

Ursus produksjoner (Norway)
project Liminal Face presentation

Orlando Rodriguez and Veronica Santiago Moniello
BEFORE THE HORSES CRASH INTO THE GROUND, AND THEN THE GROUND work in progress presentation and discussion with the audience 



Fheel Concepts (France)
Ordinary Circus Girl - circus and virtual reality project work in progress presentation and discussion with the audience

Davide D'antonio ir Carlo Massari (Italy)
collaboration witl Lithuanian artists project 5 MINUTES | open rehearsal presentation and discussion with the audience

NONcompany (Bergen, Norway)
artistic research for a new piece

Justina Kaminskaitė (Lithuania), Joanna Woiciechowic (Denmark), Natalia Kotlyarova (Russia)
artistic research

Judita Vivas and Viccy Riley (UK)
"Herring Girls" - work in progress presentation and discussion with the audience

Ana Jordão & Jeanine Enböther Trott (Portugal/Switzerland)
"décorps d'intérieur" - contemporary circus work in progress presentation and discussion with the audience

Vivian Friedrich & Joan Lavandeira (Spain)
I Love My Car - contemporary circus work in progress presentation and talk "What is contemporary circus dramaturgy?"

Annabelle Dvir (Israel)
Work of Flesh - Soundtrack for Five Slammed Bodies work in progress presentation and workshop for local artists



Maurícia Neves (Portugalija)
anesthetize - dance work in progress

Jonas&Lander (Portugalija)
Lento e Largo - dance work in progress

Monika Neverauskaitė (France/Lithuania)
Harry the 3rd - contemporary circus work in progress and dicussion with the audience