international residency


'Limitation Piece 2', choreographers: Grėtė Šmitaitė and Hanna Krittan Tangsoo, Suddenly collective. Glasses'n Beard Photography.

Residency programme

International residency programme initiated by Arts Printing House aims to support foreign  professionals within the perfoming arts field. We seek to give space to artists for investigation, experiment and knowledge exchange. During the stay in Vilnius, artists get a chance to change their daily routine, meet local performing arts community and present their work-in-progress on our stage. Artists are also encouraged to teach in workshops for professionals or non professionals, participate in discussions, talks or lectures.

International residency programme covers travel expenses, accommodation and living costs of invited artists. Residents can be provided with rehearsal spaces, technical assistance and consultations from local professionals (directors, dramatists, external eye etc.).

How to apply?

Although the selection of residents is formed mainly by invitation, submissions are open all year.

Please send us:

- your project description
- video material of current or previous works
- approximative residencies dates
- preferred rehearsal studio
- technical requirements
- workshop proposal (optional)

*Due to budget capacities we can only host a limited amount of residents but there is a possibility to rent rehearsal studios at Arts Printing House for a friendly price. (Accommodation or living expenses not covered by the residency)

*Depending on space availabilities, we can offer a residency with free rehearsal studio for Lithuanian artists or artist groups living and working abroad. (Accommodation or living expenses not covered by the residency)

Contact us us for more info:



"Lento e Largo" open rehearsal | Jonas&Lander (Portugal) Glasses'n Beard Photography


Previous residents:



Maurícia Neves (Portugal)

Jonas&Lander (Portugal)

Monika Neverauskaitė (France/Lithuania)

Avidan Ben Giat (Israel) Residencies exchange with Machol Shalem Dance House

Lukas Karvelis (Lithuania)

Mardulier and Deprez (Netherlands/Belgium)

Emile Pineault, John Simon Wiborn (Canada/Sweden)

Vera Tussing (Germany)

Ula Liagaitė, Marianne Tuckman, Marcelo Schmitter, Bartė Liagaitė (Lithuania/Germany)

Grėtė Šmitaitė, Jokūbas Nosovas, Sunayana Shetty (Lithuania/Germany)

Dueditre (Italy) Residencies exchange with IDRA

Aloun Marchal (Sweden/France)

Alexander Vantournhout (Belgium)



Fheel Concepts (France)

Davide D'Antonio ir Carlo Massari (Italy)

NONcompany (Bergen, Norway)

Justina Kaminskaitė, Joanna Woiciechowic, Natalia Kotlyarova (Lithuania/Danemark/Russia)

Judita Vivas and Viccy Riley (UK)

Ana Jordão & Jeanine Enböther Trott (Portugal/Switzerland)

Vivian Friedrich & Joan Lavandeira (Spain)

Annabelle Dvir (Israel) Residencies exchange with Machol Shalem Dance House



Kallo Collective (Finland)

Maurícia Barreira Neves (Portugal)

Ateliersi (Italy)

TaikaBox (Finland)

Ursus produksjoner (Norway)

Orlando Rodriguez and Veronica Santiago Moniello (Venesuela)



Ragnhild Freng and Dale Rafael Dernbach (Norway)

Karina Opdal and Tone Johansen Kløvstad (Norway)

Mirte Bogaert and Vincent Stephen (Fourth Stage)

Virgis Puodžiūnas and Orlando Rodriquez (Lithuania/Venesuela)

Monika Neverauskaitė (Lithuania)

Yasen Vasilev & Džiugas Kunsmanas (Bulgaria/Lithuania)

Liza Baliasnaja (Lithuania)

Dewey Dell (Italy)



zero visibility corp. / Lene Bang (Norway)

Siim Tõniste & Üüve-Lydia Toompere & Liis Tamm (Estonia)

Vincent Bozek (France)

Zero Gravity Company (Finland)



Ine Terese Hogstad (Norway)

TODAY collective (Denmark)

Miguel Bonneville (Portugal)

Yael Maftsir (Israel)

Sanna Vellava (Finland)

Howool Baek (Germany)

Milla Koistinen (Finland, Latvia)

Eirini Sourgiadaki (Greece)

Sirkus Supiainen (Finland)

Reality Research Center / Saara Hannula (Finland)

Iodine teatre (Norway)

Marit loe Bjornstad (Norway)

Simona Biekšaitė (Norway)



karen foss Quite Works (kfQW) (Norway)

NONcompany (Norway)

Anatomy of Dance (Latvia)

Room 100 (Croatia)

TANMIS (Sweden)

Anna Vigeland/Cassia Project (Canada)

Claudio Stellato (Brussels/Italy)

Teatro Atomico (Spain)



NONcompany (Norway)

Winterguests (Norway)

Transitteatret Bergen (Norway)



1+1=11 (Norway)