„Damned Be the Traitor of His Homeland!”

Tour of Slovenian Youth Theater and director Oliver Frljić presenting the performance „Damned Be the Traitor of His Homeland!”

In his original project with the title Damned be the traitor to his homeland! (the title is a line from ex-Yugoslav anthem), Oliver Frljić radically approaches love and hatred towards theatre, surrendering both the actors as well as the viewers to the intertwinement of madness and pain. The framework for this questioning of boundaries of artistic and civil freedom are the fragments of the story about the collapse of the second Yugoslavia, a symbolic space inhabited by actresses and actors who encounter dilemmas, as do all of us, yet we often look the other way. According to the director: "the inflation of death, the incessant repetition of the unrepeatable serve to emphasize a theatrical mechanism that always remains the representation of a certain external reality. It challenges the theatrical representation of death as well as the idea of theatrical representation itself through compulsive attempts to stage collective death. The repetitions of death, occurring on stage in almost regular intervals and after which the performers ‘come back to life’, reveal a standstill of theatrical representational mechanisms. It is these mechanisms, producing fiction and most often remaining hidden, that oust any framework in terms of content and theme, thus remaining the only ones visible."

Arts Printing House Black Hall

Performance in Slovene language with Lithuanian subtitles

Performance for people over 18