Festival Different Theatre for Children'14 presents: Mr Satie - Made in Paper


January the life of the Arts Printing House turns upside down. The walls of the old printing house have to withstand a new challenge: a bunch of the most energetic, curious, bravest (and no secret, the noisiest) audience which is brought to Šiltadaržio street by the event "Different Theatre for Children". The week of children theatre performances and differnt types of workshops ocupates the venue.
* Performance Mr Satie - Made in Paper

Atofri Theatre (Poland)
For 1-5 years old children


Who Is Mr Satie? He is Sound. He is Rhythm.  Mr Satie is Music. Magical images inspired by the French composer’s pieces are created in a paper set design. Paper is not only the material from which the set design and props are made, but also an instrument and a partner to play with. Games where children use their imaginations, solving riddles and discovering mysteries together, are  combined with piano effects.

'Mr Satie - Made in paper' is a musical theatre production for children aged between 1 and 5 produced in cooperation with The Poznań Artistic Foundation, The Castle Cultural Centre and Poznań City Council.
The premier took place in December 2010.


For the trailer - please click here

Script & Directed by: Beata Bąblińska, Monika Kabacińska
Artistic cooperation: Bogdan Żyłkowski
Set and costume design: Elżbieta Cios
Music: Erik Satie
Cast: Beata Bąblińska, Monika Kabacińska
Lights: Agata Zając

1) Super Bebe for the best performance for the youngest in 100, 1.000, 1.000.000 Stories International Theatre Festival for Children in Bucharest.
2) GRAND PRIX 'Złocisty' during the XV 2011 International Festival of Theatres for Children and Youth Korczak 2011 in Warsaw.
3) 'Słonecznik' for the production for: Beata Bąblińska, Elżbieta Cios, Monika Kabacińska, Eliza Gmerek, Bogdan Żyłkowski during the XV 2011 International Festival of Theatres for Children and Youth Korczak 2011 in Warsaw.


* After the performance the audience is very welcome to participate in the workshop


** The Festival is brought with the help of Nordic Culture Fund

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*** 10 h "Mr. Satie - Made ir Paper" - sold out

Arts Printing House | Pocket Hall

Tickets – 15 Lt

Tickets available at Box-offices Tiketa and via internet (click here)
Tickets can be booked via spektakliai@menuspaustuve.lt



Event date:
2014 January 13 d. 10:00
2014 January 13 d. 15:00