What is a contemporary circus dramaturgy?

Menų spaustuvėje besidarbuojanti užsienio rezidentė Vivian Friedrich kviečia Lietuvos šiuolaikinio cirko ir kitų šiuolaikinių scenos menų atstovus į pokalbį tema "Kas yra šiuolaikinio cirko dramaturgija?"

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//What is a contemporary circus dramaturgy?//

"Last year I started a dramaturgy research with the question: what is dramaturgy and what can it be in contemporary circus?
I observed the aim of contemporary circus to follow a narrative, I was bored to see “copy and paste circus creations” (taking circus numbers which has been created in another context, searching for something in between and call it circus piece) and I felt a lack of knowledge at the moment of creating my projects.

The word dramaturgy has different meanings depending on the country, in Catalunya for example a dramaturg is a playwriter, in Germany it's often the person who is connecting social and political context, background information and creation.

I just arrived to Vilnius and I don't really know much about the lithuanian performing arts, so I want to invite you for an exchange.

During the last year I read a lot, I thought a lot, I have had discussions and talks. I initiated the project #reflexionsdecirc (reflections on circus) at La Central del Circ in Barcelona and now I would like to share this knowledge with you." - Vivian Friedrich

Vivian Friedrich (Germany- 1989)
based in Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain

Vivian is a contemporary circus artist with a psychology degree, working with different rope constructions, aerial dance and performance art. In her pieces she tries to combine a critical view on society, different aesthetics and a detailed movement research.

At first she studied at the Academy for Circus and Performance Art (Tilburg, NL), but then she decided to open up for other art forms and complemented her education with dance training and physical theatre in Hamburg (GER) and Barcelona (ES). Vivian worked in productions and performances in Spain, France, Germany, Italy and Rumania, collaborating with companies like La Fura dels Baus, Circo Delicia, La Fabrikacción, Accialt Flying Effects and Willie Dorner. In 2012 she founded together with two musicians the collective Fam.Lizajous which investigates the interaction between sound and motion and approaches contemporary circus as an art form, dealing with science and sound installations. In 2015 Vivian starts with Ludovica Zoina the aerial dance project The Opposite Hand and in 2016 she has been selected as emergent artist supported by La Central del Circ (Bcn, Spain) and the EU Circus Incubator Project. As a physical actress she takes part of the ensemble Genoma B (free interpreation of the House of Bernarda Alba by Lorca) of the circus and flamenco company Albadulake from southern spain.

Currently she is looking for a contemporary art form and new dramturgies which combine different influences such as circus, performance art, dance and action art.
For her project I Love My Car and a related dramaturgy research she receives in 2017 the reasearch and innovation grant of the Generalitat de Catalunya. Since 2018 Vivian is the responsable for the project #reflexionsdecirc at la Central del Circ, dedicating herself to the research and organizing echange days for creators of different fields of the performing arts.
Furthermore she started to work with the emergent company SOM NOISE as a dramaturgist and director.

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