Street Arts Festival SPOT will invite to explore territories and boundaries

The international festival SPOT, organised by The Arts Printing House, will take place in Vilnius for the fifth time and invite all residents and city guests to discover street arts and look at everyday city life from a different perspective. The international street arts festival SPOT will take place on July 7-10, and the theme of this year‘s festival is territories and boundaries.

“Last year, in 2021, for the first time in its history, SPOT festival had a specific theme – mobility and movement in the city, which was a great success: topics emerged for public discussions and creative workshops, more space for interpretation and the creation of artists. In the fall, with the team we came up with the fifth SPOT theme, which will invite to talk about territories and boundaries. How do we define our territories? Personal, district or city boundaries? Where are our human boundaries? Perhaps we just create them? What limits us or forces us to break free? In the context of the war events in the recent months, the theme of this festival is becoming even more meaningful and gaining more layers,“ one of the festival organisers, Judita Strumilaitė, speaks about the festival theme.

Every year SPOT festival turns Vilnius into a unique playground, presenting the works of both foreign contemporary street artists and Lithuanian creators, introducing not only to the festival‘s diverse artistic program but also inviting to the festival‘s discussions and educational activities. On July 7-10 the streets of Vilnius old town and the more remote areas of the city will be filled with contemporary street arts and will question the physical and value boundaries created by people.

“Artists from different countries observe and explore the surrounding environment, create in it and are inspired by it, then return to the streets, courtyards and squares with alternative reality of a certain place. If we asked why it is needed, my answer would be that it is necessary in order to still have room for new experiences in the context of personal and collective limitations that would cultivate empathy, tolerance and, ultimately, positive emotions,” the project coordinator in the Arts Printing House, Ineta Pliekaitytė, says about the festival’s future program and themes.

Dance performances, unexpected installations, street theatre performances, interactive tours and more in the international street arts festival SPOT, on July 7-10, in the open spaces of Vilnius, free of charge!