We can't wait to welcome Rósa Ómarsdóttir at Summer Dance Intensive Vilnius'22! 

She will be teaching Ecosystem-Practice workshop. Participants will explore the relationship between people and things, dive into the movement practice and explore how they are influenced by the environment and how, in return, influence the environment as well.

The Creative Lab "Ecosystems practice" will be held DAILY (on 22nd-27th August from 4PM - 7PM, in Studio II at Arts Printing House)

Level: C*
Price: 80 EUR

*Seminars' levels:
Open level – movement experience needed (older than 15y)
A level – 3-5 years of experience in this dance field is needed (older than 15y)
B level – 5 and more years of experience needed
C level – professional dancers, choreographers, dance students

For more details, see her website: https://www.rosaomarsdottir.com/about

All information about this year's program: http://dance.lt/new/en/summer-dance-school/vsm-2022/