About us

Arts Printing House/ Menų spaustuvė

The Arts Printing House is a unique creative phenomenon in Lithuania, a vibrant performing arts venue and a meeting place for artistic souls. Established in a former printing house dating back to 1585, nowadays it deals with performing arts layouts and linotypes - those that help develop a new understanding of creativity within modern society.

Typography of Arts

Located in the old town of Vilnius, the premises of the Arts Printing House had previously been used as a printing house for books and then converted into a communist party’s printing house "Tiesa" ("Pravda", "The Truth") for the main newspapers of the regime. After Lithuania gained independence in 1991, several performing arts NGOs as well as individual artists used the premises for independent arts projects. In 2002 the Arts Printing House was established and based on an agreement with the Municipality of Vilnius City it acquired the right to use the historical building. Since then hundreds of theatrical, contemporary dance, new circus, interdisciplinary and educational projects take place annually in the building.

Transforming old into new

While harbouring its unique history, at the same time the Arts Printing House strives to bring about change and becomes the first infrastructural complex for creative industries in Lithuania. It aims to foster creativity and support performing arts NGOs. In other words, our vision is to serve as a matrix-case, which collects different types of independent performing art projects into one place and allow them to share their artistic vision with the audience.

In November 2004 it joined one of the oldest European cultural organizations network, Trans Europe Halles (TEH), which unites cultural centres established in non-traditional, often post-industrial spaces. Over the years Arts Printing House has gained recognition and joined other major international networks such as Informal European Theatre Meeting (IETM), Res Artis , and Circostrada, has served as a venue for various international gatherings, festivals, projects.

Arts Printing House now is open for national and international residencies. Under one roof more than 10 national performing arts organizations have their homes, with offices and spaces for rehearsals and performing. As well as international artists and organizations are welcome to visit Vilnius as international residents of Arts Printing House.

Reconstruction of the premises of the House are still not completed… However, it is must mentioning that the main part of reconstruction had been funded by EU Structural Funds and Vilnius City Municipality, while House has been equipped with generous support from Ministry of Culture/State Investments Program of Lithuania. Currently the 3000 m2 of space are functioning as a performing arts centre with 2 venues, 3 rehearsal spaces, offices, resource library.

Situated in the heart of Vilnius Old Town, the Arts Printing House strives to be a vehicle of changes in the performing arts scene. And changes happen – one can find dozens of events here every month, others will enjoy numerous new independent artistic bodies that got birth in this House.



For continuous support we are grateful to Vilnius City Municipality. Our projects are funded by Lithuanian Ministry of Culture and Culture Fund of the Republic of Lithuania.

Should you be interested in more information about Arts Printing House, feel free to contact us.