The Arts Printing House invites you to choose educational programs for children, which both introduce to contemporary performing arts and allow you to try different creative processes yourself. The methods used in the workshop reveal the practical benefits of the arts in the educational process, developing children's imagination, critical thinking, trust and communication and cooperation skills, which are also important in everyday activities.

The dates of the classes are adjusted as needed and the possibilities of the workshop organizer. 

Contact: | +37064150434

Workshop location: Arts Printing House, Šiltdaržio g. 6, 01124 Vilnius

Workshop duration: 1 hour 30min. – 2 hours.

Price: 6 Eur/person.

Before the workshop, a 30-minute tour of the Arts Printing House is possible to introduce you to the activities of the organization. The tour is free of charge and adapted for pupils in grades 7-12.