On January 13-20, for the thirteenth time, the international children's and youth festival KITOKS'24, organized by the Arts Printing House, will take place! This festival for children and young people is one of the first and one of the largest festivals in Lithuania, presenting unconventional, contemporary performing arts to spectators aged 0-18 years, and this year it will be possible to see in the program of the festival not only the performances of Lithuanian creators, but also Catalan, French and Belgian creators.


BEATLES FOR BABIES | La petita malumaluga (CAT)

A visual and sound performance in which children and adults can enjoy a selection of songs by The Beatles, performed with sophisticated arrangements by professional musicians. Four musicians on the move (violin, saxophone, cello and percussion) and a dancer invite babies and their families to participate in a warm and exciting tribute to The Beatles. Adults, babies and children are invited to participate in this interactive performance, and during the show, it will be possible to play, freely move around and inside the stage, and interact with the performers.

January 13, 12:00 / 13:00 / 14:00

January 14, 12:00 / 13:00 / 14:00

Location: Arts Printing House, the Black Hall (Šiltadaržis St. 6)

Duration: 35 min

Recommended age: 0-3 years

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A quirky character takes us into his chimeric universe. Armed with paper and scissors, he creates fortune companions who will alleviate the weight of his loneliness. With incredible feats and under the amazed eyes of their ringmaster, his paper accomplices bring us into a suspended moment, a light parenthesis carried by imagination and poetry. The Paper Theatre is a show that claims the power of imagination through innovative techniques of puppetry, object manipulation, clowning, and physical theatre.

January 15, 10:00 and 18:00

January 16, 10:00

Location: Arts Printing House, the Pocket Hall (Šiltadaržis St. 6)

Duration: 45 min

Recommended age: 4-12 years

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TUNNEL | Klaipėda Puppet Theatre (LT)

Tunnel is an unusual performance that seeks comfort in the dark and treats light like a delicious dessert. At first it seems that the light can be controlled, while the darkness – unknown and dangerous – cannot. However, in the performance, the prejudice is soon reversed – a pinch of courage and cooperation allow us to tame the darkness and to learn to enjoy it safely. The performance experiments with light and darkness: the audience is invited into the “playground of darkness”, where associative visual and sound images are created that playfully raise questions about fear and courage. In Tunnel, a great deal of attention is paid to research the possibilities of the chosen matter, taking into account its physical, chemical, utilitarian and symbolic properties. In the performance, the puppeteers bring different forms of darkness and light into life, test their movement possibilities by bringing them to the point where dark and light become not only a sensory perception, but also a form of expression.

January 15, 12:00

Location: Arts Printing House, the Black Hall (Šiltadaržis St. 6)

Duration: 50 min

Age: 5-7 years

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BAKÉKÉ | Fabrizio Rosselli (FR)

In this mimed show, a foolhardy character diverts himself by playing with buckets and manipulating them into geometric constructions.

In our free time, in our careers, in the sports we play, or even in a simple game, we want, above all, to succeed. But what happens when, instead of succeeding, we fail? We become frustrated, feel dejected, consider ourselves incompetent and worthless. We become enwrapped in a vague gloom and depression, taking upon oneself the identity as a loser. But in life, failure is inevitable. Instead of accusing oneself, one must accept failure in order to learn from the experience, transforming the defeat into something positive. In this performance, Mr. Bakéké transforms his defeats into games. The buckets become objects of amusement and invention, opening the door to a new goal coming out of the failure. His ambitions bring him face to face with his own limits and his obstinacy when faced with the impossible.

January 16, 18:00

January 17, 10:00

Location: Arts Printing House, the Black Hall (Šiltadaržis St. 6)

Duration: 50 min

Recommended age: 7-12 years

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LULLABY TO THE EARTH Juozas Miltinis Drama Theatre/No Shoes Theatre (LT)

Lullaby to the Earth (Lopšinė Žemei) is an interactive musical movement performance for children. The performance reveals the problem of Earth pollution, its causes and consequences: littering, air pollution, animal extinction, global warming, floods and other, in a language understandable to children. How to help the Earth? The authors of this performance offer a symbolic act of calming and comforting the Earth. In order to express this, lullabies from different countries of the world are performed in their original language. There is no coherent plot or a story, there are no specific characters. There is no lecturing either! Lullaby to the Earth (Lopšinė Žemei) is an immersive performance where actors directly communicate with children by inviting them into the stage, the acting space, offering a different action/game in each scene.

January 17, 10:00

Location: Arts Printing House, the Pocket Hall (Šiltadaržis St. 6)

Duration: 35 min + 15 min interactive activity with children

Recommended age: 3-6 years

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Double You is a social experiment about borders and identity. It is two performances that take place simultaneously, interwoven with each other. Five hybrid artists share two stages, separated by one wall. A circus performance which constantly teases boundaries and offers each spectator a unique experience. Everyone can be a drummer, everyone can be an acrobat, everyone is welcome. Are you ready to overcome your FOMO (Fear of missing out)?

January 18, 10:00 and 18:00

Location: Arts Printing House, the Black Hall (Šiltadaržis St. 6)

Duration: 55 min

Recommended age: 8-12 years

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RAMS | No Shoes Theatre (LT)

A one-man show – RAMS (AVINAI) – is an audiovisual genre performance. The story is about a young man Tomas, who was born in a poor family in the province of Lithuania. The young man analyses the social roles, stereotypes and responsibilities imposed on today’s man and the internal conflict that arises as a result. Nowadays, when there is so much talk about gender equality and women’s rights, the narrator turns the mirror into a man. He raises questions about the place of a young man in today’s society. Finally, while Tomas is pondering about all that, one day, a phone rings and, on the other end of the line, after 18 years, he hears his father’s voice for the first time again.

January 19, 12:00

Location: Arts Printing House, the Pocket Hall (Šiltadaržis St. 6)

Duration: 60 min

Recommended age: 15-18 years

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THE FABULOUS TALE OF BASARKUS | Lamento Company & Academy Fratellini (FR) 

BasarKus is not like any other being! It is a creature with two heads and multiple legs and arms. It’s happy this way, in perfect harmony with itself. But discovering that it has two hearts, BasarKus starts to wonder. What if there were actually two of them? Together, they seem stronger, safer. Driven by a fierce curiosity, they cannot resist the urge to dissociate. Their games now revolve around overcoming their fears and experimenting with separation at any cost. The Fabulous Tale of BasarKus is a virtuoso and playful duet blending circus and dance. Markus excels in juggling, while Basil shines in acrobatics. The quest for identity and the concept of hybridity take the centre stage in this story. Where does my body begin and where does it end? Who is this other than me? So many questions that form the core of this ode to self-discovery.

January 20, 12:00 and 15:00

Location: Arts Printing House, the Black Hall (Šiltadaržis St. 6)

Duration: 30 min

Recommended age: 4-9 years

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