The Festival SPOT Announces The Program of Foreign Creators: Experiential Journey and Contemporary Circus Performance in The Trees!

Every year the International Street Arts Festival SPOT turns Vilnius into a playground, inviting to discover various performances of foreign street artists and works of Lithuanian creators. It introduces the audience to a diverse artistic program that invites them to see the city as a space for experiments and to discover its colours that have never been seen before! This year, this unique festival will take place for the sixth time on June 29 – July 2 and will invite to enjoy art in public spaces of Vilnius and beyond! Today the festival starts announcing the program and introduces some performances of foreign creators.

The Mexican-Catalan company Djade will present its performance dedicated to the green spaces of the city; they pay special attention to the direct communication between the artist and the spectator in their work. They create artistic experiences based on sharing the present moment and seek to maintain a dialogue by enabling sensitivity and the ability to listen, thus opening different senses. This company believes that their performances help to create a connection between people and the memory of public spaces. On June 30 and 31, during the SPOT festival, Djade will invite to a performance Ohtli in Pūčkoriai Cognitive Trail, which will tell a story about life, transformation and acceptance of changes.

Ohtli is a path for a small audience and a travelling companion: Claudia, who will guide the visitors of the SPOT festival through mythical and ancient stories, but also the new ones. Together with Claudia, the audience will share experiences, moments and memories. We will breathe, observe and walk the unique path together. Walking as a group, in silence and for weeks, is a common ritual of meditation found in different communities in Mexico, which culture is pre-Hispanic, and this time it can be experienced live in the International Street Arts Festival!

On July 1-2, we will travel to another green city space – Vingis Park, where we will see an impressive, poetic contemporary circus performance in the trees! The contemporary performance art company Acting for Climate will present a performance BARK to the festival audience, which will tell a story about the connection between people and their relationship with nature. The forest, the soil and the trees will become the main characters of the performance, cocreating the piece together with the performers. BARK explores the themes of climate change and the possibility of social change. Sustainability is a very important aspect of this performance, which is why the performers – artists from Norway, Finland and Germany go on tours by bike. They are also coming by bike to Vilnius to meet the audience of the SPOT festival for the first time!

Contemporary circus performance BARK combines physical expressions of group acrobatics, vertical dance, physical theatre and dance with contemporary soundscapes and poetic text, all performed by artists moving between, with and around the trees. “Through being nature, reconnecting, and living utopia, we aim to convey a sensory experience that can change perspectives on our human natures as a part of the biosphere. Hanging from a branch twenty meters over the ground creates an immediate image of our co-dependence on nature,” say the creators of the performance.

From June 29 to July 2, Vilnius old town, as well as more remote natural spaces of the city, will be filled with contemporary street art! Dance performances, contemporary circus shows, interactive excursions and much more will be waiting in the open spaces of Vilnius for free at the international street arts festival SPOT!

The festival program is supported by: Lithuanian Council for Culture, Vilnius city municipality, Swiss Cultural Foundation.