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Circus is Comming to Town


Arts Printing House presents International contemporary circus festival – “New Circus Weekend”, which will occupy Vilnius on 11 – 14 September, 2014.

The annual event for modern circus will present different disciplines of the circus (juggling, plastic acrobatics, dance), combined with visual arts and touching stories, which will be presented by well known and rapidly growing artists from France, the Netherlands, Finland and Lithuania. As well the educational program for the circus professionals will take place during the festival.


Event series at Arts Printing House: DEAR DANCE, MEET SOCIETY


As a part of their dance/research residency at the Arts Printing House, choreographer Vincent Bozek (FRA) and researcher Simo Vassinen (FIN) open up their work in Vilnius through movement training, open research days and a talk show. The events connect contemporary dance to societal issues and are aimed at both dancers and non-dancers. The aim is to open up a space for discussion between the Vilnius cultural scene and the Berlin-based artists hosted at Arts Printing House. 



Registration for the Res Artis Regional Meeting in Vilnius and Nida 2014 is now open!



Together with the Res Artis partners Nida Art Colony of the Vilnius Academy of Arts  we will co-host the Res Artis Regional Meeting Vilnius and Nida  on October 2-5, 2014 in Vilnius and in Nida.



Loreta Juodkait will mesmerize the audience in Kolkata

Salamandras Dream M.Jasinevicius mazas

Bratyajon International Theatre Festival in Kalkata, organized by Kalindi Bratyajon, is set to enter its third year amidst great enthusiasm and expectation. The international theatre festival, has emerged as one of the most awaited annual events among theatre-lovers in the city.
The week-long theatre festival at the Star Theatre aimed to give a taste of international theatre, the event will showcase art forms from Romania, Lithuania, Bhutan and Thailand in addition to acts from Bhopal, Delhi and Bengal-based groups.


Culture Night'14 At Arts Printing House




During the Culture Night the squares, streets, parks, and the most unexpected spaces in Vilnius are filled with the projects of various types of arts – music, dance, theatre, cinema, photography, state-of-the-art installations, etc.
Arts Printing House joins the city and invites you on the night of 20 – 21 June, 2014 to see our sleepless events:



2014 August 01 d. 19:00

Summer Dance School'14

2014 August 11 d. 10:00

Summer Dance School'14

2014 August 12 d. 10:00

Summer Dance School'14

2014 August 13 d. 10:00